Treat Sore Feet

Foot pain is one of those things that make us suffer and feel uncomfortable. Surely, all people can be subjected to foot problems which are usually associated with numerous blisters and unpleasant cramps. It is typical of most sportsmen and dancers to have achy feet. So, they really need to know some effective ways to relax and treat their sore feet. But even if you are not a professional dancer, sometimes your feet can be tired and strained, especially if you like to wear high heels. Take a look at the following tips that can help you to get relief whenever you feel pain in your feet.

1. Massage

If your feet are sore and you feel a great discomfort, then massage is the best solution for you. Besides, this way of treatment is very easy as you can do it yourself. You will get a big pleasure if someone massages your achy feet. It is very important to work out every knot that you discover in your muscles. To reach better results you can use essential oils for your massage. For example, lavender oil will help you to prevent inflammations.

2. Epsom Salt

I have tried plenty of different ways to relieve foot pain. However, I can say that only one of them is the most suitable for me. If you also want to relax your tired feet I recommend you to prepare a mixture of hot water and Epsom salt. Just soak your feet in it. The positive effect is guaranteed to you. Since the Epsom salt is known to decrease swelling, you will get relief very soon. In addition, you will supply your body with magnesium which reduces pain in muscles. For this treatment you don’t even have to take a bath. You can enjoy your favorite film, while soaking your feet in a bucket with hot water and Epsom salt.

3. Tennis Ball

Perhaps you even didn’t guess but a small tennis ball is the thing you can use to cope with foot problems. It doesn’t take much space in your bag and you can roll your feet on it whenever they are strained. You’d better do that very slowly in order to find out a place that is aching and stop at it. It is necessary to press the sore spot more intensively waiting for its relief. Continue massaging your painful feet for a few minutes if you want to achieve the best result. This exercise with a tennis ball is especially advisable for women who tend to wear high heels every day. It will certainly bring you some relaxation.

4. Stretch

Another way that you can try to care for your sore feet is stretching. People with Achilles tendons and tight calves often have problems with their feet. By stretching your calves you’ll manage to get rid of tension in your feet. Make sure you do this no less than one minute as it is the time necessary for your muscles to release. Stretching will be beneficial for you if you tuck your toes under your heels. I consider this position to be the perfect for stretching the ligaments in the sole of my feet. Without a doubt, you will always feel terrible pain if your feet are tired. That’s why you should be gentle. Otherwise stretching will never help you.

5. Separate Toes

It sounds a bit strange, but socks can relieve your tight feet. Just bear in mind that they should separate your toes. It’s a splendid idea to wear such socks after a hard working day to soothe the pain in your feet. When your toes are separated it’s much easier to loosen up the muscles in your feet. Drug store is the best place to buy toe separators at a reasonable price. You can wear these special socks for about ten minutes. For me, this time is usually enough to get relief.

6. Elevate

In most cases swelling is the main symptom of sore feet, which can be reduced if you elevate them. Try to lie on the floor and raise your legs on the wall. This method will really help you to treat your achy feet. Still it doesn’t mean you should do only this sophisticated exercise, you can simply put your feet up on pillows. Anyway, it will be efficient for you.

7. Supportive Shoes

To my mind, high heels are the major reason for sore feet. When you wear high heels all your weight is concentrated on your toes. As a result, your feet are put in an uncomfortable position which leads to a great pressure on your ligaments and tendons. Some people used to think that flip flops are safe for their feet. But it’s wrong opinion. Being without arch support this footwear makes your muscles work harder. People who suffer from foot problems should keep to the golden mean. If you are one of them, you are supposed to buy shoes with arch support. Those who prefer heeled shoes should remember that heels higher than 2 inches cause damage to their feet.

It is very important to take care of your feet, especially if you spend a lot of time walking or doing various physical exercises. To prevent foot pain you should know the most effective ways to get relief when your feet are tired. Try to use the recommendations mentioned above and you will forget about sore feet forever. Do you have any problems with your feet? How do you usually treat them? Please, tell us about the most effective ways you’ve tried.



Treat Sore Feet