True Place Of Worship Is Within Yourself.

In the history, we find two examples of instant dawn of enlightenments. One is of Lord Buddha on seeing sufferings and the other is of great Indian poet Tulsidas who was awakened by a mere taunting from his wife. In the most other cases, spiritual awakening has been seen as a slow process – one step leading to other to win over oneself.
Majority of the persons who aspired for progress towards this ultimate were required to gain victory over themselves by self control. You can determine through your spirits but after a few moments or some time, your body may not accept. A hint on the right approach is given in the Bible (Mathew 26.41), “The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak”. Determination to progress further towards your objectives and spirituality may not be of any avail if you do not take care of your physical health, energy, exuberance and sustaining power.
Centuries ago, another great Indian poet, Kalidas mentioned in his “Kumarasambhavam” that the body comes first for ensuring all kinds of attainments. For a happy life, Patanjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras lists eight stages dealing with the postures and breath-regulation before other stages involving more of the mind – concentration, meditation etc.
In short, the body is the route to all the mental refinement. The reason for this is that if your body is healthy, you can afford and regulate your all activities through your will power. If the body is weak, that will need cure first and you won’t be able to do anything before putting your body in order. In Sikhism too, the followers are advised to keep their bodies well cared for.
If you are maintaining yourself high-spirited and your body well, you can prepare your mind to fulfil your determination on the priority levels. With a weak body, you can not walk well even to your temple, mosque, church or any other place of worship you choice for.
Done with awareness and spontaneous delight which physical involvement should generate, the carry over to the mind can be tangible and instant. Experience the gentleness and joy all over as you go for a walk, feel the water trickling down as you shower, cleansing your body and mind, attending a religious meeting or some social gathering – it will give you heavenly enjoyments.
Hence, you will appreciate that your body is a place of worship by itself, to be well maintained – it is a doorway to mental refinement and spiritual progress. It is the true place of worship and that lies within yourself. If you are able to keep your self fit, you can visit any other place with cool mind and carry on the activities with deep concentration and confidence.
Be Happy – True Place Of Worship Is Within Yourself.