Use Pinterest as a Life Tool

Are you spending your time on Pinterest valuably or just passing the time? Using Pinterest as a life tool rather than just wasting time there is a wonderful way to make some changes and inspire yourself. Check out a few fab ways to use Pinterest for something great.

Fabulous Ways to Use Pinterest as a Life Tool

1. Follow your dream

I know a lot of people who have found their calling in life from searching through Pinterest. I’m also using Pinterest to follow my dreams. Whether it’s finding the pics that inspire you to grab your camera and get snapping away or making a great cake that starts a baking business, never be afraid to pin and revisit the things you like.

2. Have your virtual closet

There are so many amazing outfits and ideas for every style on Pinterest. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, it’s a perfect place to go! Create an inspiration board to collect outfit ideas. Even if you don’t have everything in the pics, it’s just a visual guide to accessories, colors and proportions. I’ve already created a board to collect outfit ideas for the fall.

3. Plan a great party

Are you planning a surprise party, engagement party or baby shower? Start a secret board and invite the other planners to your board. You can share ideas and images secretly. There are plenty of awesome party ideas on Pinterest!

4. Plan the best wedding

Planning a wedding can be so difficult! While you might know which dress you want, you have still got a range of shades and styles to look through. Create board and start collecting up images of wedding dresses, venues, flowers, wedding photos, hairstyles, bridesmaids, receptions, stationery, and you will have a wide range of looks you like to work from. It’s better to make your board private and invite only your family or bridesmaids to help you with planning.

5. Plan your trip

Do you spend hours searching for places you want to go on your holiday? Save your precious time for something else by pinning your dream trips to your travel board. Each time you find a place you’d like to visit or a food or activity you’d like to try, pin it. Planning your next journey is only a matter of picking pictures!

6. DIY

Another best way to use Pinterest as a life tool is to start a DIY board! Pin the things you’d like to make, accessories you need, home decor ideas that you like, and see what really catches your eye next time you want something to do.

7. Make a wish list

Pinterest has a great gift function, so why not use it? Create a board “Things I Want,” and pin the things you like to it. When you use the Gifts section, everything you pin has a price and direct link to the item to buy it, making it easy for your family and friends to buy it for you.

Do you use Pinterest as a life tool? Do tell me!


Use Pinterest as a Life Tool