Vaginal Health: What’s Safe, What’s not

Vaginal Health: What’s Safe, What’s not : Unless something is wrong, the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven; it keeps itself clean with the help of natural secretions or discharge so as for that, you can leave it completely alone. Mild soap and water are all you need to keep it healthy, but sometimes we do get rashes, and the skin down there gets itchy and red, what to do so that the pH balance down there doesn’t get disturbed?

Oils, Maybe?

Vaginal dryness is an issue that all women face at some point or the other; it does bring discomfort during sexual activities as well as in everyday life. One of such conditions is Herpes, an infection marked by genital pain and sores. Due to its super healing powers, coconut oil is the most popular thing amongst the beauty gurus as well as those health corners of the newspapers, we know it’s good in the kitchen and on those dry elbows too, but does it really work well for the pink pearl down there?

Here’s all that you need to know before you put that coconut oil over that coochie:

Coconut oil is a miracle product from skincare to haircare. We use it to treat dandruff, to cure cuts and scars, but is it useful as a vaginal ointment? There are a lot of lubricants and moisturizers available in the personal care aisle. However, some of us look for a natural approach; let’s read how safe it is.

Does it work while treating Herpes?

Herpes is an infection caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). It is generally a long term condition where people have symptoms like blisters, pain when urinating, cold sores, and vaginal discharge. Although it is quite common and okay, genital Herpes can cause extreme discomfort. It can spread from skin to skin touch, from someone who has the virus; worst part it spreads, so don’t forget to wash your hands.

Coconut oil has made waves in the beauty world; in fact, more and more women are turning to it for easing that vaginal discomfort. It is undoubtedly an excellent moisturizer. Because natural coconut oil with no additives has antifungal properties which can actually soothe and repair the skin down there. It is less likely that it will cause inflammation or harm the sensitive skin. Also, it provides a thicker coating so you won’t need to reapply it again and again.

But did you listen to that…

“Topically applied oils have been associated with an eight-fold increase in vaginal infection.”

Dr. Peter Rizk, an OBGYN fertility and women’s health expert has something noteworthy to say, he explains how oils can actually interfere with vagina’s self-cleaning process.

We do know that coconut oil decreases water movement across cell membranes. Consistent production of mucus and exfoliation of the vaginal mucosal barrier is important for healthy vaginal physiology,” Rizk said. “Unfortunately, we don’t know how a coating of the mucosa with coconut oil changes water permeability of these tissues, and it may negatively impact normal healthy vaginal function”. Via~’Hello Giggles’

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Yes, there are controversies around using it or not. Some people say it makes women more prone to infections since it has a thick consistency that makes it easier for the bacteria to hang around.

Vaginal Science

Behind every healthy vagina is a community of healthy vaginal bacteria. These good bacteria convert the natural starches into lactic acid that keeps the pH balance maintained down there.

We did read one side of the story but there are a lot of people who are pretty much religious with their choices. Some of them swear by their choices, a few websites have put up some research results that say,

“The real culprit might not be “oil” as much as “synthetics.” Perfumed products (including fragrant laundry detergents) are a frequent culprit behind unhappy vaginas”. Via ~ Foria

Researchers also claim that Coconut Oil cannot harm the pH since it’s not a water-based solution. And, only water-based solutions have a pH, so basically, it has no pH and so it can’t harm any.

What should we trust?

‘Oil Virginity’, because virgin coconut oil will actually soothe your skin down there and help to get rid of herpes. But, there’s always a chance that it might not suit you because all of us are pretty different and so is our vaginal flora. So, test it yourself. You should definitely sample around to find the best thing for your vag. You shouldn’t solely be dependent on it so take tropical medications and prescribed oral medications too, if and when necessary. That being said, the only suggestion that you need now is about the ingredients.

Sherry Ross, MD, a women’s health physician in Santa Monica, California, tells a website that,

You want to look for pure coconut oil that is natural, preservative-free, and does not contain any fragrances? Look at the ingredient list on the bottle to make sure the only item listed is

“So go easy, make choices, try and test products and choose what best suits you, coconut oil is safe as long as its virgin. Start with little quantities and they say the risks are almost nonexistent.



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Vaginal Health: What’s Safe, What’s not

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