Ways to Develop a Charismatic Personality

Many people believe that charisma is a gift from God that is not bestowed on everyone. But, in fact, you can boost or develop your existing charisma, if you follow these simple steps to become a charismatic person. Find out what charisma you have and then work on areas you perform badly.

1. Expression

Let your personality shine. Learn the art of expressing yourself in a way you would be happily accepted and heard by others. Master the art of smile, word and body language. Talk with all your body and your eyes, not only lips.

2. Wealth inside you

It’s all about who you are. You need invest in yourself. Get deep thoughts in your heart, educate your mind, and educate your feelings. These are things that work as a magnet for all people.

3. The outside of you

Think of your body as your visiting card. You look healthy, when you eat healthy. Most of us want to be around fit and healthy people. Fat people rarely look charismatic or appealing. Everything in you should be in harmony – your inner and outside beauty.

4. Hygiene

Hygiene is also important thing. I’m sure you know that there is only one opportunity to make your first impression on people. So do not ruin it! Form good hygiene habits.

5. Sexiness

Sexuality is also significant part of charisma. Think about some charismatic people you know. Even if they are not beautiful, they are sexy. Beauty is always optional, while sexuality is a must for charismatic people.

6. Looks

Clothes count only for the first impression. Don’t allow yourself to be negligent in your dress. Always look your best and make your clothes suitable for the occasion. No bikini in a business meeting and no suits on the beach!

7. Sense of humor

Develop your sense of humor. Everyone likes fun. Your sense of humor can help to draw people to you. Some timely jokes can help you to deal with any strain or problem in your relations.

There are many ways to develop a charismatic personality, and these are only a few of them. Do you have some other tips? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Develop a Charismatic Personality