Ways to Find More “Me Time”

Ways to Find More “Me Time”
Ways to Find More “Me Time”

I love the way I live, I like that I’m very busy every day and that I don’t ever feel loneliness. But sometimes I really need to be alone, to turn off the world and spend some time only for myself. This way I can update the “charge” and have a rest. I know, a lot of people feel the same, and I know how to help them. Just stay with me and read all my recommendations how to snatch some time only for you, when your life is so impetuous.

1. Your own corner

Everybody needs to have some place that is only for them. It can be a room or just a table in one corner of the apartment. It doesn’t matter, what is the size of your own space. You should design it on your way, so you can relax there. Don’t let anybody be there, this is only your “world”. Ask everybody never disturb you, when you are there. I placed the table, and put on it all my crafting stuff. I really love do some jewellery, so it make me relax. Find something, that will help you feel the same and organized your own special area for doing this.

2. Say “No”

Sometimes I feel a pain in my neck and very often I have headaches, the reason is in the fact that I can’t say “No” sometimes. This adds a lot of stress in my life, so I think I need to learn how to change this situation. I love help my friends, but we need to realize, that we can’t help everybody. We need to think about ourselves more often. Try to say “No”, when you feel you can’t fit it.

3. “Turn off” yourself

Oh, I know, it’s really hard for us to stop checking our accounts in any social media, but we need to do it sometimes. Disconnect all your gadgets for 10-15 minutes and get some freedom without any digital stuff. Be yourself with meditating or reading a book, and let your eyes get rid of the constant pressure.

4. Plan your time

Try to organize your day yourself. It sounds silly, but it really works. You can save few minutes and spend it the way you want. Just try this advice once and you will really realize how many times usually you spend for silly things. Now, when you save these moments you can spend it only for yourself.

5. “Craft” some time from the “love time”

I really appreciate every minute that I am with my boyfriend. But when I can’t take some time for me from the other areas of my life, I ask my guy to give me a moment to be alone. He understands me and it’s not a problem. I’m so happy, that he does this way, I think, it means that he is really kind. And when he sees I’m too busy, he reminds me that this is the time to have a rest.

6. Some sports or meditation

Sometimes any sports or meditation can help you. I’m not good at meditation, so spending my free time for some exercises is easier for me. But I’m sure everyone should try to relax in a quiet place. You can do your favorite exercise, if you can’t devise something else. Don’t think a lot, just do some simple exercise that will help you to get rid of stress. By the way, I use this advice more often, when I feel a lot of pressure.

7. Stay away from the parties

Everybody needs to have meetings with their friends, but sometimes it’s really hard to find even one evening for this. I felt sad because of it and didn’t really know what to do. But now I have already found one answer how to meet with friends and have some time only for you. The first, you need to choose one day a week or two weeks that you will dedicate only for your dear friends. You should combine them all, don’t meet them separately. The second advice is about the parties at your home. You can save 20-30 minutes just because you don’t need to get to the place of meeting. If you worry about the food, ask everybody bring something for themselves. Everybody will be fed and you got few free time.

So, how do you go through the bad stress times in your life? Do you have any special ways to relax? Please, share with us your personal ways to get some free time in a busy period of life!



Ways to Find More “Me Time”

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