Ways Men Handle Breakups

There is no generalization but in many cases guys handle breakups much better than girls. Even though most guys have a need for emotional support, they are very resilient. Most guys avoid talking about their breakups while girls are more prone to facing their sadness and sharing it with their moms and friends. Here are a few ways guys deal with breakups.

Ways Men Handle Breakups

1. Go on a drinking bout

Alcohol has been the best friend to most broken hearts. To numb the pain most guys take to drink alcohol. It’s also easier for them to talk about their pain and open their hearts out, when they are drunk.

2. Hang out with friends

It’s common for men to seek out a good company to keep their mind distracted. Most guys don’t talk to their friends about their breakups or about the pain they’re going through, but the company can help in distraction.

3. Drown the pain in work

Men above 30 usually cope with breakups by working really hard. Work becomes a great way to escape from loneliness and painful memories. No wonder that most creative art works have often come out of a broken heart.

4. Enter the virtual world of the Internet

Browsing through the Internet is an activity that is gaining popularity these days as an effective way of distraction. After a breakup, guys tend to play online games, chat or just read through blogs almost all day or night. Watching some stuff online is quite common for guys who are coping with psychological pain of breakup or loneliness.

5. Start finding new dates

There are guys who handle breakups by trying to forget their ex-girlfriend as soon as possible. They just start flirting and dating again or even go about having a casual fling in order to erase all memory of their ex.

6. Party hard

Crazy crowds, loud music and a party atmosphere can numb the pain like nothing else. A lot of men are known to handle breakups by indulging in some crazy partying. Parties become avenues for new girls to flirt with, booze, and a great way to distract yourself from thinking about ex. I know many guys who cope with breakups in this way.

7. Watch TV or play video-games all day long

Some guys also blank their minds by playing video-games or watching TV aimlessly. They usually watch movies or sports mostly for the distraction rather than for interest. Aimless channel surfing is one of the ways men handle breakups.

8. Exercise

After breaking up some guys hit the gym, because they think that the best way to advertise attraction is through bodily appeal. Usually they perform strenuous exercises since the physical pain of weight lifting sometimes can offset mental pain of the memories.

9. Eat to numb their mind

Eating is a mechanical activity for guys to help them keep busy. Fast food and junk food have become a regular way of life for most guys who are trying to cope with a breakup. Overeating causes stupor that helps numb the mind off its continuous thinking.

10. Travel

Getting over a breakup is difficult, but some guys think that it’s easier to cope with breakups when you travel. Traveling to far off or nearby places can help keep the mind occupied, and making new connections or meeting new people is an added bonus.

Breaking up is never easy, and unfortunately it happens to almost everyone. And everyone has their own way of coping with breakups. Do you know any other ways men handle breakups? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways Men Handle Breakups

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