Ways to Shave Legs Less Often

Do you want to know how to shave your legs less often? Like most women, I don’t like shaving. It’s so time-consuming and monotonous. Thankfully, there are some ways to shave legs less often, so you will spend less time with the razor and more time with a smooth and hairless skin!

1. Choose the right razor

Not all razors available in the market suit your needs. You may have sensitive or dry skin that can call for a certain type of razor. Make sure the razor you buy has multiple blades, so you’ll get a closer and smother shave! The more blades, the more chances you will get all the hairs!

2. Exfoliate your legs

Exfoliating is essential, because it removes the dead skin that the ingrown hair is trapped under. This will help you to get a closer shave as the hairs are not hiding anymore. Moreover, exfoliating also helps with removing the oil your skin naturally produces, and you can get even a closer shave!

3. Brush your legs

Have you ever heard of brushing the skin? Sounds strange, yes? However, those stiff brushes, so-called badger brushes, are perfect for rubbing in your shaving cream. This is one of the best ways to shave legs less often.

4. Invest in disposable razors

Use a new razor every time you shave. But be sure they have multiple blades! It seems like an expensive habit, but it will help you shave your legs less often. The better you shave the first time, the less often you will repeat the procedure over again.

5. Shave against the grain

If you want to shave your legs less often, you should shave against the grain. If you go with the grain, you will not remove much hair! Be careful when shaving against the grain, the skin is prone to getting more cuts and nicks that way!

6. Change your diet

Excessive body hair growth can be a result of what you are eating! Increase your daily intake of Vitamin B6. To get more of this nutritious vitamin, eat fish, meat, bananas, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon and carrots! Avoid the refined carbs, although they can be so tempting.

7. Try a lotion infused with soy

Numerous studies have shown that soy can help inhibit the hair follicles growth! Buy a lotion infused with soy at a local store and rub it into your skin every day. This lotion will also keep your skin always moisturized! You will kill two birds with one stone!

I’d like to shave less and I’m going to give these ways a try! I’m getting real tired of shaving my legs so often! Are you going to try these tips? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Shave Legs Less Often