Ways to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls

If you are consistently catching your boyfriend staring at other girls, it can be really an annoying moment for you, especially if he does it in front of you. If you tell him that it bothers you, he might get offended. Check out some best ways to stop your guy from looking at other girls.

1. Know the reason behind his behavior

It is important to understand the reason behind your boyfriend’s behavior. Maybe he gets attracted towards a beautiful personality. Once you know the reason, you can change yourself for him. You can change your hair style and dressing style according to what your guy favors. Trust me, he would never want to stare at any other girl again.

2. Tell him how you feel

If you see your guy looking at other girls, tell him you’re feeling ignored and try to get his attention back to you. Confront your guy and tell him that you noticed him staring at other girls. It will be enough to make your man realize his attitude.

3. Make him feel bad

When you see your boyfriend looking at other girl, tell him that you also find her beautiful. He’d be embarrassed to hear it from you, and stop staring at that girl and focus his attention on you. It’s like an insult to the guys. If you behave in the same manner, your boyfriend might feel guilty of his behavior.

4. Tell him directly

Another way to stop him from looking at other girls is to tell him directly that you don’t like his behavior. Make him realize that you saw him staring at the other girl and that he wasn’t really paying attention to you and your talks. If he denies everything, there is no sense to continue talking to him.

5. Be confident of your personality

It’s important that you feel beautiful on the inside to make your boyfriend realize at first place. If you are not confident in yourself, he might get attracted to the other girl. Always be confident of your personality. When you feel confident, nothing will make your guy look at other girls.

6. Make him feel jealous

When confrontation doesn’t work, think of this way to stop him from looking at other girls. Simply make him jealous! The next time you’re with your boyfriend, look at the other guys and see his reaction. He’d feel very jealous on your behavior. If your guy confronts you, tell him that he must stop looking at other girls too. He would feel embarrassed and improve his behavior.

Do you know any other ways to stop the guy from looking at other girls? Share your thoughts, please!


Ways to Stop Him from Looking at Other Girls