Ways To Help Maintain Your LUVME Curly Wigs

Ways To Help Maintain Your LUVME Curly Wigs : Curly wig hair never goes out of fashion, and a curly wig enables you to recreate this classic look on a regular basis. Although curly wigs need a little more regular maintenance, with suitable curly wig care, it is simple to keep them in good condition over time.

In this post, we will discuss how to maintain curly wigs and also how to effectively wash a curly wig.

  1. Ways To help you maintain your curly wig

    Here are ways to maintain your curly hair wigs.

    • Avoid Alcohol-Based Hair Products
      Curly human hair wigs are typically similar to your natural curls. As a result, you should treat it in the same way that you would your natural hair. This includes avoiding alcohol-based air products. Products containing alcohol are extremely drying to all types of human hair wigs. Dry hair loses flexibility, becoming brittle or frizzy. You should avoid using hair care products that have alcohol at all costs.
    • Remove Tangles from Your Curly Human Hair Wig On A Regular Basis
      You should regularly check your hair for tangles and knots at the end of every year because tangles could ruin curly hair if not cared for properly. Gently section the wig hair, then apply a moisture-rich conditioner and then remove tangles with a wide-tooth comb, or maybe even your fingers. You should be cautious not to create a lot of friction with those soft curls, as this will result in frizz.
    • Use Sulfate- And Paraben-Free Conditioners and Shampoos On The Wig
      The frequency with which you wash deep wave wigs will differ based on the care products that you use. To help protect your human hair curls, use sulfate-free shampoos when cleaning your curly human hair. Select shampoos that will not strip the curly hair or even rob it of its curls, and use only hydrating conditioners.
    • Use A Leave-In Conditioner to Combat Frizzy Curls
      If your curly headband wigs becomes frizzy, you can spray them with water or use a leave-in conditioner to smooth them out. Sometimes all you require is a little moisture to revamp your curls and also get rid of the frizz.  You can use oils to add moisture and shine to your curls, but remember that a little goes a long way. Excess oil will cause your human hair curls to become clumpy, and the only way to return it to its natural state is to wash it.
    • Hang Your Wig
      Stop storing your wig in the back of your closet. Your wig should be able to breathe. If you do not store your wig in a spot where it can be properly aired, then it will develop a bad odor from the oils you use on it. It will also save you time detangling if you hang it instead of storing it in your closet. Proper storage would also help you keep the curls in place.
  2. Washing a Curly Human Hair Wig

    Washing a curly wig is nearly similar to cleaning a straight hair wig. The steps are as follows.

    • Before washing your curly wig, finger detangle rather than using a brush. You can also untangle it while conditioning it. The conditioner will improve the slip.
    • Curly hair, like natural hair, requires a lot of moisture, therefore use a moisturizing hair shampoo when washing.
    • Apply conditioner generously.  Curly human hair requires moisture.
    • Lay your curly wig flat to dry, just like a wool sweater. When drying curly hair on the wig stand, the curls might hang a little longer than you prefer. When the wig is dry, place it on a towel and softly scrunch the curls to keep them dewy and springy.
  3. Why Choose LuvmeHair curly wigs

    Loose or deep wave hair, fringe or curls with a natural hairline, Luvme Hair is a dream for curly wig lovers. There are numerous colors to pick from, such as sugar plum, mixed colors, cinnamon brown, and so on. Luvme Hair always provides you with a more relaxing selection of wigs.


Curly hair will never go out of style, and it allows you to recreate a classic look on a regular basis. Curly wigs provide both style versatility and convenience. If you adore curly wigs but struggle to keep them in good condition, follow the simple steps above.



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Ways To Help Maintain Your LUVME Curly Wigs

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