We Must Be Thankful to God for Our Lives.

When after our birth we open our eyes, we find a beautiful earth to live on, affectionate arms to get in lovingly and enjoy the time ahead. We do not think who created all these before our coming into existence. We never think about the person who took all the pains to provide us such a beautiful environment. Who is that person? After growing up, we do have pride of knowledge, power and wealth. We pose ourselves that we are superior to others in many ways, unless we are put to our truth.

Most of the religions, being practised in different parts of the world, say that God is the Creator. We can name Him anyway but it is accepted by majority of us that all the creation is by Him that the entire universe came into being. We are but small specks in the entire scheme of creation. If we examine our thoughts, how many times do we thank Him for our life?

Few people go through their day-to-day lives remembering Him and thanking Him for His gifts. True, we do mechanical prayers either at paces of worship. We remember when we want Him to save us from a calamity or from serious illness. But most of the time we hardly give Him a thought. Some even deny His existence. Scientists removed God from their view of the universe because he could not be verified by scientific instrumentation.

There are some enlightened scientists who have begun to question how such a perfectly designed universe ad such a complex, well-planned organism as a human being could come about through chance. Those who delve into the intricacies of nature and are in awe of it have the humility to recognise there is some higher power responsible for this universe.

Pride of knowledge come through the traps laid by the mind. When our soul enters the body, it works in this world through the mind. The brain is a complex organ that receives sense impressions from the world. Our culture makes us interpret these impressions in a certain way. Besides receiving and interpreting impressions, the brain is a vehicle by which we can communicate with the world through language, to make out thoughts known to others. There are many involuntary actins controlled by the brain – breathing, heart-beat and the release of hormones that regulate body functions.

Many think that the brain is the seat of thought. But there is a difference between the mind and the brain. The brain is like a computer which performs many functions. But it is the mind that controls the brain. The mind is a product of the causal plane of creation, a mixture of spirit and matter, with the mind in control, many of our decisions and actions are mind’s desire and wishes. Because the object of the mind is to keep us enslaved to the world, it controls us. The soul, having forgotten itself, goes along with the mind.

We go to school and gain knowledge of this physical universe. We are bombarded by sense impressions at every moment. Our brain has the capacity to take in billions of bits of information, store and retrieve them, much like a computer. Words can be combined in billions of ways to create new stories, books, ideas, new inventions. The notes of the musical scale can be combined in billions of ways to create a wide variety of music. The mind can keep us occupied and involved in this world for aeon and aeons.

The mind has forgotten that the colours of the palette it uses to paint have been created by God Himself. The notes of the scale that it uses to compose songs are of God’s own making. The brain it uses to communicate with the world is also a creation of God. We must be thankful to God for our Lives because we got from Him. Our science has no doubt made marvellous advances to make our lives comfortable but that too are no inventions but discoveries or conversion of the properties for which God had already provided raw material, sources and brain power to us. Our brain feels the need and then, attempts to identify the source and create the supply by making necessary changes. We may imagine if God had not done it, how we could survive further.

We must be thankful to God for creating us, for giving us such a beautiful life with all such resources to enjoy. We can express our thankful by helping those who still need the essentials and are not able to gather them at their own. We can express our thankful by taking out our share only with full sincerity without encroaching over others’ rights. We can express our thankful by dealing with other people with honesty.

Be Happy – We Must Be Thankful to God for Our Lives.