We Need To Change Our Attitude.

We Need To Change Our Attitude. It is human psychology that we prefer pleasures. But it is a known fact that almost every pleasure seeks some sacrifice unless that is bestowed upon us by some divine power. When we find ourselves in chilling winter, we hear, “It’s Freezing! When will it be summer?” To our children, we try to explain that winter is just one of our seasons, and soon enough summer will arrive. They may not get convinced easily and perhaps may add, “But it is freezing cold. There’s snow and ice everywhere. We can’t even go out to play it is so cold.” Since we know their innocence and our duty to quench their curiosity, some time we have to say, “We just have to enjoy the cold and wait for summer. It will get better.” They may not understand that they have to go through winter and spring before summer arrives. They just knew it was cold and thought it would be that way forever. They don’t realize that it will get better, it will get warmer and they will get to play in the park again. They just know today is cold, yesterday was cold and for a while they haven’t been able to play on the monkey bars in the park. And they want to know why it isn’t summer. We all want things to get better now. You want certain things to get better in your life right now and you can get what you want. If things aren’t going the way you want think of it as your winter period. It will get better, it won’t stay this way forever, but first you have to create the changes you want. During winter, it seems like nothing is growing or improving. But deep underground, the roots of trees, plants and grass are all getting their nourishment, and storing what they need to sprout in spring. And just like nature is constantly at work, you’re always feeding your subconscious mind. You’re either giving it the nourishment and information it needs to make your life better, or you’re giving it the wrong information, the kind that makes your life harder. If you want to enjoy greater success, if you want to make more money, meet the right person, get a better job, make the right choices, then you have to give your subconscious the right information. You have to feed your subconscious mind and inner powers the nourishment they need to bring you what you want. Just like mother nature is always at work, always giving us what we need at the right time, your subconscious and inner power are also constantly at work. Your subconscious and inner powers are always creating and shaping your life. You don’t see them actively doing this. They just work quietly in the background. They create and shape your life based on what you feed them and how you direct them. If you wanted to have a beautiful looking lawn, flower or vegetable garden you would have to take care of them. You’d have to give them the right combination of  food, seeds, water, and nourishment. You’d also have to spend plenty of time removing the weeds, and getting rid of any unwanted plants that could destroy your garden. This all takes time and requires patience. But with the right techniques and by doing the right combination of things you’ll see the payoff within a few short months. You may not be a gardener, you may not even have a garden, and you may never want one. But you do have a mind, a subconscious mind and you  have your inner powers. You need to feed them the right information (food), nourish them and constantly give them the right direction (like water to a garden). Then you have to be patient, continue working, continue applying the right techniques and continue doing the right combination of things. When you will continue to hammer upon something, one day you’ll see the payoff. It all requires practice and discipline. So today think about what you want in a few short months. Now begin directing your subconscious mind and your inner powers by giving them the right information and the right directions so that you get what you want in those few short months You know, Nature is very powerful.  It can be very kind or it can be very destructive. Your subconscious is also very powerful. It can be very kind or it can make your life very difficult. While you can’t control nature, you can control and direct your subconscious mind. This gives you tremendous power. Your subconscious and inner powers create your life based on your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. When you have a garden filled with weeds you have to remove those weeds or they’ll choke off all the wonderful plants, flowers and grass in your beautiful garden. If you take too long to remove them, they get stronger and they get harder to remove. Negative thoughts, negative beliefs and a negative attitude are the weeds of the mind. If you don’t remove them they’ll choke off and destroy all that is good in your life. The longer they stay in place the harder they are to remove. But you can get rid of them. You can remove them. No matter how long those negative thoughts, negative beliefs, and negative attitudes have been on your subconscious mind you can get rid of them. The sooner you start the better. And you get rid of them by thinking about what you want and giving your subconscious mind new instructions, new thoughts, and new beliefs all of which lead to a new attitude. Once those new thoughts and beliefs are planted on your subconscious you’ll begin to see dramatic changes. Like spring, it will be a new beginning and a new awakening. You have the power to create and change your life. You have the power to get exactly what you want in life.That power is your subconscious mind. If you’re not getting what you want, If you’re not making enough money, If you’re not in the right relationship, If you can’t meet the right people, If things just aren’t going the way you want. It means that you’re not giving your subconscious mind the right information and you’re not giving it  the right nourishment. You also have too many weeds on your subconscious and you need to get rid of those weeds today. You need to start using your power, begin creating exactly what you want, get your subconscious and your inner powers working for you today and get rid of the weeds that are destroying your life. How? It is quite simple. This can be done by you very easily. You may ascertain your targets, identify your resources, chalk out your time-bound programme to achieve it, start working on it and continue till you achieve your targets without relaxing even for a minute. Today in the era of global economical liberation, we find that at one hand, we are seeing growing needs and fatty pockets and on the other hand, we see recession and deaths due to unemployment etc. A great imbalance! Some countries have sufficient resources of raw materials but they do not have skills to exploit them to their benefits. Some other countries good market but lack infrastructure to move further. All this is due to lack of proper management. Some time it happens due to the attitude of those who are supposed to manage them. Somewhere it is due to the working of the politicians who make and/or modify the laws to suit their specific needs. Somewhere, the bureaucrats are there to interpret the laws to meet their corrupt working. Sometime, some judicial officers work with a prior mind set-up. Not only these pillars of the democracy, sometime media, generally in private sector, also create hype in respect of a particular story as they might be doing in form of paid agents. The government media persons tell what the Government needs to be highlighted and sometime, the truth gets hidden. In the global liberation created by fast moving communication and transport systems, we need to change our attitude to adjust with the new equations and try to reduce the opportunities of corruption in our practice. Once we do, we can ask other one to follow the same practice. If that one does not change, we can take the shelter of law to enforce our rights. But we need to perform our duties first. We need to change our attitude first, then to seek happiness for ourselves and others too.