What Do Women Dream About?

What Do Women Dream About?
What Do Women Dream About?

What Do Women Dream About? Every human has dreams and aspirations. At a particular point in our lives, or at a certain age, we start to see life a little more differently. We begin to have passionate aspirations for our future and how we want to live our lives. For women in general, studies have shown that they have a higher number of life goals than men, and these goals are closely related to their luxury and how to achieve a level of success where all these can be obtained easily.

Dreams are powerful. They can be the driving force of our entire existence if we desire them strongly enough. A vivid example of a powerful aspiration is Martin Luther King’s speech in 1963. Even up to date, there are so many shows, and essays about I have a dream, trying to capture the power in that single moment, where one man’s dream transcends beyond him to the entire nation. Due to the issues of segregation and racism in the U.S. at that time, it was Martin’s dream to see America as one nation without the emancipation of a particular race. There are several more essay examples that you can read to understand how important it was to him and his fellow activists.

This shows how important dreams are and how our aspirations can define us. Martin Luther King might have been a male, but women have dreams too, and they are just as powerful.

Since these aspirations can say a lot about a person, let us examine women’s dreams and what they might mean to them.

What women want to achieve in their life
What women want to achieve in their life

To Get Married

At the end of the day, many women want to get married to the love of their lives and live happily ever after. This is even more pronounced in older women than in the youths. As a university student, you understand the biological clock and how a woman feels more pressured to find a husband and settle down at a certain age. This has been a constant aspiration for women from time immemorial, even up to this moment.

Give Birth

The way society is programmed, a woman should reproduce and have kids. Whether she is married or not, once she can not produce a child, a certain stigma is placed on her, which might lead to ostracization in certain parts of the world. This is why some women sometimes dream about giving birth and having children of their own.

Some others make the conscious decision not to have kids, and that’s okay. However, those who do want children and for some reasons do not have them would constantly long for it. Women tend to have these aspirations more than men.

To Live In A Big House

While this might seem like a banal dream, it isn’t. Many people dream about this, even though the concentration of women who do this is higher than men. As youths in college, you are at a stage where you are starting to think more about your lives and what you want to do after school.

This desire might translate into dreams of affluence, like you living in a big house or driving a flashy car. This does not make you shallow. If you are an ambitious and career-driven lady, don’t be surprised when you have such dreams.

Be Financially Independent

Naturally, all women love luxury and want to be pampered. They have a lot of bills to pay, designers to buy, things to do. These can transcend into dreams of being financially independent, granting them the liberty to afford all these on their own.

While some ladies prefer men who provide, a larger percentage want to do these things by themselves. They appreciate a man who can, but it is crucial to them to be independent enough to carry all their responsibilities without relying on anyone for anything.

Stay Attractive

When we talk about what dreams each woman has in common, it is this one. Every woman wants to stay attractive for the rest of their life. This is due minorly due to an inborn trait that can not be changed and majorly caused by the lack of education in the beauty industry.

We could write a 70-page essay about how the unrealistic beauty standards have done more wrong, but it still would not be enough. However, this has caused more women to aspire to stay attractive forever and take steps into achieving that dream.


Women dream differently from men, but it doesn’t make theirs less essential. Everyone’s dreams are important and should be respected. The above examples show the beauty between the two genders and how women are naturally prone to softer aspirations and familial responsibilities than the opposite sex.





What Do Women Dream About?



What Do Women Dream About?

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