What is a Golf Scramble?

If you’ve recently been invited to play in a charity golf tournament for the first time, it’s likely that someone mentioned the play of golf scramble. “What is a golf scramble?”, you ask. Golf scramble is an informal way to play golf that helps to alleviate pressure from individuals worried about their personal score.

The Gist Of Golf Scramble Play

Instead of playing individual scores, golf scramble is all about your team score. You’ll play in teams of typically four players. At the start of the game, a team captain will be announced. Each player on the team, including the captain, will take their stroke at the ball.

The team captain will proceed to pick the best landing spot from the pool of initial strokes that your team made. Each player will then start their next stroke from the spot chosen by the team captain. The first team member to hit the ball into the hole sets the team’s score for the round.

The Objective Of Golf Scramble

The concept behind playing golf scramble-style is to end up having the lowest team score. It uniquely gives each player the advantage of starting their second stroke from the place that their team hit the best initial stroke. For each round, only the lowest team member’s score is recorded as the team’s score for that hole. Curious about what clubs to use for a golf scramble Check out GolfClubsGuru.com

In the same mindset of a team sport, golf scramble winners are determined by the lowest team score for the course. This is calculated by totaling the number of strokes for all the holes that were played throughout the tournament. This allows a team to work together as there is no recording of individual placements in this style of golf.

A Closer Look At Some Specific Rules

Golf scramble comes along with its own set of additional rules for the game. The most convenient is that players are authorized to improve their lie by one club length. This holds true in all cases except for when the ball lands in a hazard. On the odd chance that the best player’s shot ends up in a hazard, all team members are forced to play from that location.

As with other types of golf, the team with the lowest score is considered the winner of the tournament. If there is a tie for the lowest score, then the organizer will pick a random hole. The team that has the lowest score for that hole will win. If the scores are equal, the organizer will proceed to pick another hole until a low score is revealed.

Best Strategies To Win A Golf Scramble

If you’re interested in some good competition for the tournament, then you’re likely wondering what some tips are to create a winning golf scramble strategy. There are many different things that your team can do on the green to help set yourself up for having a winning match.

First, it’s always a good idea to have the player whose initial stroke was picked for the lie to shot first. They will likely shoot better as their confidence level is piqued when their shot is chosen by their peers. Second, construct a team that has strengths in different areas. You need players who are good off of the tee and players who are amazing putters to win.

Golf Scramble Vs. Best Ball

Now, since you’ve learned the basics of how to play a golf scramble, it’s time to take a second to focus on best ball. This is another common type of tournament play that focuses on teamwork instead of individual scores. Much like golf scramble, best ball allows the pressure on individual performance to wane, creating a more informal and relaxed environment for play.

Best ball is usually played with three to four players per team. If teams are only comprised of two players, it’s usually referred to as better ball or four-ball golf. When looking at golf scramble vs. best ball, one of the biggest differences is that in best ball every player starts their second stroke from where their ball landed.

The Big Difference Between The Two

As you learned how to play a golf scramble above, you discovered that the second stroke of each player’s game started at the landing spot of the best initial stroke from the team. In best ball, each member plays as they would during a normal golf game, trying to achieve the lowest amount of strokes per hole.

At the end of each round, each team records the score equal to that of the lowest score among their team members. For example, let’s say John shot a four and Kim shot a three. The whole team would record a score for that round as three because Kim’s score was the lowest. After the last hole, all of the team’s scores are added up for a total score.

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question ‘ What is a golf scramble? ‘ so that you’re prepared for your next tournament play. Many times golfers will avoid tournament play for the simple fact of not knowing the rules. By enlightening you on them, we hope that you will be more likely to involve yourself in charity tournaments in your local area.



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What is a Golf Scramble?