What is a Good AMH Level for IVF?

What is a Good AMH Level for IVF?
What is a Good AMH Level for IVF?

What is a Good AMH Level for IVF? : AMH is one of the important preconception tests that a fertility doctor suggests. But why is it important? What does it indicate? And what if you do not have a healthy AMH level? This article discusses it all.

This article briefly discusses AMH, how low AMH level affect a woman’s fertility, what is a good AMH level to achieve pregnancy naturally or with IVF, and treatments to still get pregnant with low level of AMH.

What is AMH?

Anti-mullerian hormone, abbreviated as AMH is a blood test performed by fertility doctors to find out if a woman is able to produce enough healthy eggs for fertilisation. AMH test can indicate a woman’s ovarian reserve or the count of potential eggs she can produce. Apart from evaluating a woman’s ovarian reserve, AMH blood test can also indicate if a woman has pregnancy complications such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and POI (Primary Ovarian Insufficiency).

How does low AMH level affect fertility?

Low AMH level is not itself a cause of fertility issues, AMH level is an indicator of complications such as low ovarian reserve, PCOS, or POI that affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. If your AMH blood test report declares that you have an AMH level lower than normal, it indicates that your ovaries have lost their normal reproductive potential to fertilise successfully.

AMH blood test can also indicate if you have PCOS, a condition where a woman’s hormone levels imbalance and she has a higher amount of male hormones in her body, affecting her ability to release eggs during ovulation. Moreover, AMH check can as well indicate other pregnancy conditions such as POI where a woman’s ovaries stop functioning as it normally should. Both PCOS and POI have been found as the contributing factors to infertility.

What is a good AMH level to get pregnant?

Any woman who has an AMH level of 1 to 4 nanograms (ng) per millilitre (ml) is considered to be fertile and capable of achieving and sustaining pregnancy. On the other hand, any woman who has an AMH level less than 1 ng/ml is considered to have low ovarian reserve and may require assisted conception to achieve pregnancy.

Moreover, if you are not sure if you have a low AMH level, you should look if you are having short, irregular or no periods. If you do, immediately seek a fertility doctor for getting your AMH blood test done and discuss a treatment if you have been trying to conceive.

What is a good AMH level for IVF?

As if for natural pregnancy, women who have an AMH level of 1 to 4 ng/ml are believed to be ideal for fertilisation. But as we talk about in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), women with even lower than 1 ng/ml of AMH level can also get pregnant. Because IVF involves ovarian stimulation with injectable drugs such as gonadotropins and clomiphene, women with even lower than normal AMH level can release eggs for fertilisation.

Aging can also affect AMH level and it is normal to have a decline in the ability to release eggs during ovulation as a woman ages. But, if you still want to conceive and have a baby while having a low AMH level due to aging or other reasons, a good fertility doctor can help you out. You can always consider Grace Fertility, the best IVF centre in Gurgaon for that. They have an expert team of well-qualified and experienced gynaecologists and endocrinologists who have treated over 10 thousand couples and helped them start their families.

Other treatments to get pregnant with low AMH level

IVF is not the only treatment option effective to help a woman with low AMH level get pregnant. Other treatments that can also help include:

IVF with donor eggs

If you have attempted IVF cycles while having low AMH levels and they turned out ineffective, IVF with donor eggs can still help you get pregnant. Women who have a very low AMH level about 0.2 ng/ml or less are advised to consider IVF with donor eggs. When you are not able to release eggs yourself, you can use a donor’s egg for fertilisation by your intended father’s sperm, and the further IVF cycle will continue as normal.


Apart from IVF, surrogacy is also an available option to have a baby. Generally, you may be advised to go for traditional surrogacy which involves inseminating the surrogate mother with the intended father’s sperm through IUI treatment.


This article discussed AMH, its effect on a woman’s fertility, level of AMH to get pregnant, and treatments to achieve pregnancy while having low AMH level. If you have been found to have low AMH level during your preconception checkups and you still want to get pregnant, the best is to consider Grace Fertility for IVF, IUI with surrogacy, or IVF with donor eggs.




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What is a Good AMH Level for IVF?

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