What Is Bariatric Surgery and Where is The Best Place to Do It

What Is Bariatric Surgery and Where is The Best Place to Do It

Bariatric surgery is an operation performed to help a person lose weight, and it is achieved by effecting some changes in a person’s digestive system.

Bariatric surgery can wither change your small intestine or make your stomach smaller. The effect of this is you eat less at one time and feel full quicker.

This surgery is a last resort for persons suffering from severe obesity who have been unable to get any weight loss results using other methods or find it hard to maintain a weight loss without adding again.

Bariatric surgery can also improve the health of persons suffering from serious health conditions related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea.

How effective is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery has recorded results in helping people lose weight however; no method can assure total weight loss and maintenance.

Studies have shown the people who undergo this surgery lose between 15 and 30% of their original weight. Some other persons might not lose as much as they expect to, and some others may regain a portion of the weight they lost in the surgery.

The factors that come into play to determine what happens include the type of surgery carried out and the person’s obesity level. Regular physical activities after the surgery also help keep the weight off.

Apart from exercise, eating healthy food and beverages before and after the surgery can help a person lose more weight and prevent adding as time goes on.

It is important to note that Bariatric surgery is not a replacement for healthy habits, but can assist to help you eat fewer calories and become more physically active.

How much does bariatric surgery cost?

Depending on what type of surgery you carry out and where you live, a bariatric surgery costs between $15,000 and $25,000.

In the United Kingdom and several European countries, weight loss surgeries could be done at no cost as long as you meet up to eligibility requirements.

One of them is that you must be very obese, have an underlying health disease, and be on a long waiting list.

Studies have however shown that very obese people with underlying conditions are at a very high risk during surgery as early surgery produces best results.

To qualify for some health insurances you must prove that you were unable to lose weight using a nonsurgical weight loss program, and would also need a doctor’s recommendation that surgery is performed.┬áIn order to reduce the costs for bariatric surgery good option is to consider traveling abroad.

Best place for a bariatric surgery

Thailand is one of the most preferable destinations to perform bariatric surgery based on factors such as technological advancement and safety.

A United States magazine ‘CEOWORLD’ ranked Thailand 6th in its list of countries with the best health care systems in the world.

Thailand has programs and packages that help oversees patients get the treatment they need at a good value. It is said that you could save up to 75% of the cost of bariatric surgery if you get it done in Thailand because of the country’s health packages.

Such packages often include surgery materials, surgery costs as well as accommodation. After your surgery, Thailand also offers you a great environment for a vacation while you recover from the procedure.






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