What Is Elephant Strain And How Does It Differ From Other Kratom Strains?

What Is Elephant Strain And How Does It Differ From Other Kratom Strains? : The recreational industry is growing, and along with its expansion, it is offering varying products to consumers. It is especially the case with organic products, as they are in high demand and provide beneficial results to the users.

In addition, individuals earlier preferred chemical recreational products over organic ones as they promise more effective and instant results.

However, there are many benefits to switching from chemical products to organic ones. You may not experience instant benefits, but using organic products helps you avoid toxins from your everyday routine.

The phenomenon led to a misconception that organic recreational products like Kratom strains are generally out of one’s budget. Fortunately, there are affordable options for premium products as well. For example, if you find different Kratom strains intriguing, you may try an affordable one like the elephant strain. This Kratom strain comes from the country of Indonesia. It strives in the humid climate of the region. The elephant strain derives from particular Kratom trees, which have leaves similar to the shape of an elephant ear. It has managed to become the favorite of many users in a short period. This article is for you to explain how the strain differs.

Why Is Elephant Kratom Strain Gaining Popularity?

Several studies show that Kratom is one of the most potent organic compounds. Therefore, there are always new strains around the corner. However, the Elephant Kratom strain has gained a large user base due to its mild potency and different texture.

5 Reasons How Elephant Strain Differ From Other Kratom Strains

The elephant strain of Kratom is different from the others in various ways. Here are the five primary characteristics that separate the strain from others.

It Is Suitable For Beginners

Though Kratom is an organic compound, individuals may experience potent effects. It is because they may lead to adverse side effects. Certain organic strains are more potent than others; thus, experts recommend them only for experienced users.

However, the elephant strain of Kratom is potent but does not have substantial effects on the user. Therefore, beginners may use products containing this extract, as they are less potent than most strains available.

However, experts still recommend that one should be mindful of their dosage. Users new to Kratom products should start with small doses and consult their doctors before taking high doses.

It Is Affordable

Budget is an issue for regular Kratom consumers. Therefore, they look for alternative options. The products containing the elephant strains of Kratom are the most affordable of all strains. It is because the products generally do not contain other potent ingredients. They also do not go through complex manufacturing processes, which also helps manufacturers save costs.

Therefore, experts recommend it to regular users or those who should not consume potent Kratom strains.

For example, New Dawn offers 250 grams of white elephant Kratom for $29.99, 500 grams for $49.99, and 1000 grams for $79.99.

You can also purchase 350 capsules of the strain for $41.99, 700 capsules for $69.99, and 1500 capsules for $ 119.99.

It Has A Better Flavor And Texture 

Earlier premium organic products did not have a pleasant aroma or flavor. It is because manufacturers did not experiment with organic products and provided age-old strains to consumers.

However, manufacturers are experimenting as the demand for organic products increases. As a result, they are also modifying the texture and taste of the products. As a result, the elephant strain has a mild flavor and does not feel harsh on the tongue. The texture and taste of the elephant strain make it perfect for new Kratom users.

It Pairs Well With Edibles

Organic compounds naturally have a strong flavor; therefore, individuals hesitate to consume products like Kratom powder or liquid extracts. Fortunately, the elephant strains of Kratom pair well with edibles. Thus, individuals can consume products like Kratom cookies or gummies.

On the contrary, there are some potent strains of Kratom that experts suggest one should not mix with edibles. Thus, the elephant stain might be ideal if they want Kratom extracts to mix with edibles. Here is an example of a famous organic recipe with these strains that every user should try.

Kratom Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everyone craves snacks and generally reaches out for processed snacks containing chemicals. It is because most of them think that organic snacks are not delicious.

However, adding these strains to your snacks might make a difference. For example, here’s how to prepare a chocolate chip cookie with an organic compound.

  • Preheat the oven. Then place two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Mix cream, butter, and sugar. Then add two yolks and vanilla extract to the mixture.
  • Then mix flour, baking soda, cornflour, salt, and the organic Kratom extract.
  • You should then add the chocolate chips.
  • Finally, shape the mixture into balls and bake them for 10 minutes.
  • Remove them once they are done, and let them cool.

Can I Use Elephant Strain Products Regularly?

Though organic products containing elephant strains aren’t the most potent, one should consume them within controlled doses. Starting to consume the products without an expert’s advice may lead to allergies or other side effects.


Taking care of one’s lifestyle should be a priority. Unfortunately, individuals fail to understand that unhealthy habits may not instantly show harmful effects but damage one’s immune system over time. Therefore, it would be ideal if one starts paying attention to their routine.

Eliminating chemicals from everyday life might be challenging; thus, one should gradually replace their everyday products with organic ones. However, one should also understand that using organic products like the Elephant strains may help remove chemical toxins from one’s lifestyle. But, experts suggest one should consult a doctor before consuming organic products. People might also assume kratom to have certain medical benefits, so they often search for kratom for ptsd or related issues. However, it is important to know that studies on such subjects are still ongoing so nothing can be entirely claimed as of yet.





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What Is Elephant Strain And How Does It Differ From Other Kratom Strains?