What Is Fat Freezing, And Does It Lead To Major Weight Loss?

What Is Fat Freezing, And Does It Lead To Major Weight Loss? If you have been seriously contemplating about major weight loss goals and how to go around with them, then it is high time, you also go on with the experimental idea of fat freezing.

It is one of the techniques that has become much popular now among people who are obese, and who want to lose excess fat and stay fit. This is a process that is also called cryogenic lipolysis and it includes all those processes of fat reduction when fat cells are frozen for a certain period of time, so that they reduce in size, and this entire process is a painless and a less costly effort when compared to liposuction. Fat cells would freeze before skin freezes in the cryo fat burning process and this was also experimentation based on frostbites that affected people in losing their weights.

This process reduces fat from any part of the body and you can also go for inch loss with this technique:

With the fat freezing methods, you can go for reducing fat from arms, hips, thigs, from necks, cheeks, hands and the legs, waist and tummy and in fact any area that requires fat reduction. It is a process that is done only under medical supervision and patients are required to sit up for at least a period of two hours as cooling paddles are used for skin suction and crystallise fat cells in the process.

If it is done safely, it reduces a large amount of weight. It is one of the most recent and popular methods that are used to channelize fat reduction. The results can vary from one person to another, and it is one of those processes that are take few weeks and month to notice. Patients are required to follow up on the changes in the overall body structure and the fat process that gets reduced. Regular diets, check-up and follow-ups are done based on the overall body weight of the client.

The fat freezing also depends on the density of the muscle, the water retention capacity of the body and the overall BMI and the lifestyle index of the patient. The process of Cryoliposis targets any area and if it is done safely by a professional, it lasts for a long time. If the patient goes through all the fat-reduction related regulations, then there will be no adverse side effects altogether. There can also be less bulging of any particular area.

What are the benefits of fat freezing as per the most scientific methods?

If fat freezing is done with the help of scientific methods, then it has multiple benefits that are listed as under:

  • Low risk: It is a low-risk procedure that involves no cutting or surgery, no clot or blood loss, and hence the change that is seen in the reduced portions of the body remain intact for a long time. There are generally no side effects or negative effects at all.
  • Can maintain weight easily: After the cool sculpting is done, or the fat freezing gets completed, the patient does not suffer from any unwanted variations of the lifestyle. Simple exercises and diet plans can be followed, that keep one fit and healthy. People have less chances of regaining weight
  • Quick and painless process: You don’t have to take leave from work and your daily activities are not affected.
  • No side effects: The results look natural and there is no adverse effect on the overall metabolic system. There is very less chance of skin dimpling or discoloration


It is now one of the most popular methods that people follow, for losing weight. You can consult with a registered practitioner and go for the procedure accordingly.






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What Is Fat Freezing, And Does It Lead To Major Weight Loss?