What Is Important In a Childs Bedroom?

What Is Important In a Childs Bedroom? When you are reading your child a bedtime story, what you see when you look up will be entirely different from what they see. It is crucial to remember this when you decide to change anything in their special space or to decorate their personal area.

There is a fine line between getting it right and being elevated in their eyes, up on to a pedestal as the world’s best parent and getting it wrong and having a very upset, sad, and emotional child who can’t work out why the big bad Mummy or Daddy has spoiled their precious environment for no apparent reason!

To avoid the latter there are a few crucial areas you should consider.

Your Child’s Opinion

The single most important factor in all of this is your child’s happiness. Ask their thoughts, gauge their opinion before making a move. It shows respect and could be economically sound thinking if by talking saves you spending any extra than you have to.

Who Are You Doing This For?

If this sudden urge to redecorate your child’s bedroom is anything other than to improve their quality of life or to make them happy then you should reserve judgment. Potentially disrupting your child’s habitat unnecessarily just because you want to keep up with the Jones’ is not advisable and will lead to unrest and resentment.

Can It Wait?

If your child is not keen and you are undecided on themes and styles, then why rush into it? Hang fire until they are ready and suggest something to you. This will give you the nudge to get started and the direction you need in terms of finalizing plans for the full redecoration when the tie is right.

Subtle Changes

If things have gone past the point of waiting and you are desperate to get started for whatever reason, then do it gradually. Swap a photo frame here, a clock there and change the curtains whilst they are in school without making a big deal of it. Little and often is key to making subtle changes that will have an impact once everything is complete but not enough presence on their own to startle or alert your child to the evolution of their bedroom. You can discuss with them a small but more obvious change like their beloved Disney-inspired duvet-cover turning into a hopefully much-loved set of dinosaur bedding beforehand to set the scene that larger differentials are on the horizon.

Significant Alterations

Making big changes in terms of the shape or the layout of the room is an inevitable process as your child grows and needs more space. As they get bigger, their clothes, possessions, etc will grow with them and without a doubt will need to be adapted. As these are going to be definitive statements in terms of structure and design, you should try to involve your child in the planning process as much as possible. It will make them feel grown-up and important. Seeing that you value and appreciate their input will be very gratifying to them and solidify the bond and trust between the two of you.








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What Is Important In a Childs Bedroom?

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