What is Perfect Diary, and what does it do?

What is Perfect Diary, and what does it do? : Perfect Diary is a Chinese makeup company, with a great structure in the development of high quality cosmetic products, with innovative technology, and oriented to satisfy the needs in the beauty industry, both in China and globally.

Important facts about Perfect Diary

This cosmetology company, part of the Guangzhou Yatsen Global Group, focuses it is efforts on e-commerce with its website www.perfectdiary.com and is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

It is a company that has advanced rapidly in the four years of existence, through daily work, the economic policy in the production and trade of cosmetology products is innovative and oriented to the needs of consumers.

In general, the Chinese population, both adults and young people have found in Perfect Diary products the satisfaction that they do not get in foreign products, this trend has been replicated abroad with the company’s foray into new markets, with perfect work exploiting the facilities of online commerce.

Company orientation

With the support of technological advancement, and the perfect, and synchronized work being done, are always looking through exploration, research, and continuous open communication with customers the creation of new trends in what the cosmetology worldwide requires, to achieve the massification of sales.

In this way it has achieved, and continues to direct its product lines to the achievement of continuing to conquer markets beyond Asian borders, producing and marketing cosmetology products that meet the fashions of young people and adults, providing innovative, attractive, useful, functional, durable, that provide ease of use, and above all products of unbeatable quality that exceed international standards.

Perfect incursion into foreign markets

Perfect Diary entered the United States market with great success in 2020, entering the New York Stock Exchange, obtaining with this move a great increase in it is shares, which soared up to 75%.

The strategy used by the cosmetology company has been enhanced with the inclusion of products that quickly went viral among consumers, due to the high value, the low cost they presented, and an extraordinary campaign using social networks, such as WeChat, video applications such as ByteDances Douyin, and e-commerce based platforms such as the case of Tmall, one of Alibaba main ones.

Perfect timing in production, and financial management of the company has served to set it apart from other global cosmetology companies, and it is one of the companies that has flourished during the pandemic.

Online trading in cosmetology

The online marketing mode, has become the main ally to expand every day the marketing of the products of this company, the huge advantage of reaching any corner of the world, has been very well managed by the company, and online sales of cosmetics of the company have risen between 20, and 30% during the times of pandemic.

Perfect Diary diverse range of products allow access with the ease of online shopping to them.

The company has set an online sales target of $865 million, much more ambitious than the previous year’s revenue of $547 million. It is expected that by mid-year, sales will have reached just over $350 million, considering that statistically cosmetics consumption is highest between the months of July and December, it is not unreasonable to think that the company will achieve the target with ease.

The company started establishing itself with great success in the domestic market in China, and has managed to win the preference of millions of young Chinese, which is a success, since the youth market guarantees sales for several years.

Within this national market, a boom in sales is expected in the last two months of the year, taking advantage of the online shopping festival held in the first days of November, which together with various events that take place at the end of the year, favor the consumption of cosmetic products.

Online cosmetics sales in China tend to be much higher in the second half of the year, thanks to the November 11 online shopping festival and other events.

In addition to the success of sales in China, sales have increased internationally, as in the case of the United States, where trends in cosmetic products clearly indicate a preference for Chinese cosmetics, especially for this Asian brand, which has posed a strong competition to traditional brands.



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What is Perfect Diary, and what does it do?

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