What Kind of Beard is Right for Your Men & How Mens Beard Oil Can Help?

What Kind of Beard is Right for Your Men & How Mens Beard Oil Can Help? Here are a few common beard styles and some of the benefits of each. Which one is right for your Men? 

The Goatee

Probably one of the most popular styles of beard is the goatee. The goatee is basically a small, sometimes pointed beard. Many famous celebrities like The Rock and Brad Pitt have sported the goatee, and many more regular, everyday men have as well.

Plus: The goatee stands out for its subtle use of a beard to enhance and accentuate the man’s naturally strong features.

The Circle Beard

The Circle Beard is actually growing in popularity as men such as George Clooney, Idris Elba, and Hugh Jackman have all brandished it.  The circle beard is no more than a goatee with a mustache that wraps around the mouth.

Plus:  The Circle Beard allows more flexibility than the simple goatee.

The Yeard

Like its name suggests, The Yeard is basically a beard that has not been significantly cut or altered for an entire year.  Yeard beards are obviously long and thick and require regular maintenance. The Duck Dynasty men are famously known for their Yeards.

Plus: The Yeard is for men who want a full, thick, and thriving beard and also want the luxury of low maintenance.

The Corporate Beard

Maybe the idea of growing an enormously thick and long beard for a year is not your thing.  No need to worry.  The Corporate Beard is here. The Corporate Beard is also a full beard but one that is well-groomed and neat. One of the most successful and famous business icons ever, Steve Jobs, flaunted a corporate beard.

Plus: The Corporate Beard is for men who want a full and thick beard but need a little more grooming and care.

The Tweard

You guessed it! Similar to the Yeard is the Tweard. The Tweard is a voluptuous beard that is grown out for not one, but two years. Maybe your men is the outdoors man who loves hunting, camping, and just being a man, then The Tweard is right for him.

Plus:  Regular yet light maintenance is needed to keep your Tweard fresh, full, and delightful.

How Men’s Beard Oil Can Help

No matter what beard your men decide to wear, you will have to give it some tender loving care.  Help him cleansing his beard with all natural ingredients that gently exfoliate and purify is only the beginning.

The true secret to obtaining and maintaining the perfect beard is in the moisture.  No one wants a dry, brittle, tangled mess of a beard, and the only way to truly avoid that is with a moisturizer such as beard oil. You will see more information here that  helps your men get what he were seeking for days.

The perfect beard oil will heal any dryness and damage as well as provide deep hydration that leads to a full, thick, and healthy beard, no matter whether he rock the goatee or the tweard.  One of the best products on the market right now is the Bossman Beard Oil which addresses all of the above-mentioned aspects of getting and keeping the perfect beard for your men, no matter what you decide.



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What Kind of Beard is Right for Your Men & How Mens Beard Oil Can Help?

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