What You Should Know About Cannabis Delivery In Los Angeles

What You Should Know About Cannabis Delivery In Los Angeles : We Live In A Bold New World Of Cannabis Delivery. Gone are the days of making furtive trips to a dealer or hoping one of your buddies “knows a guy.” Throughout the US, states are making greater and greater strides toward legalizing cannabis. Delivery in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and other cities is one of the latest strides.

Once pot was legalized for both medicinal and recreational use in cities across the US, many entrepreneurs realized there was good business to be had in delivering weed to their customers. There’s a whole scope of reasons for this: Many medical marijuana users aren’t as mobile as they’d like to be, due to chronic pain, disability or any of a number of symptoms. Other users, living in the early days of legalization, might be skittish about entering a dispensary; it’s no secret that cannabis connoisseurs have had a language and culture all their own for some time now, and that culture can be a hard nut for outsiders to crack. Finally, weed is generally something people use to relax and unwind – meaning (especially in LA, where traffic is a nightmare) they don’t want to have to trek across town to get it. Thus, delivery.

But It’s Still Got A Lot Of Bugs To Be Worked Out. Recreational cannabis was only legalized in Los Angeles in 2016, which means the official and legal recognition of pot as a legitimate business has only existed for a few years. And imposing a new regulatory framework on an industry as big as cannabis in California isn’t a process that comes easy, cheap or fast.

That means there’s still a plethora of growers and sellers throughout the Golden State who aren’t regulated by the state. In large part, it’s hard to get angry about that for a variety of reasons – we’re just grateful to finally have legal weed, we understand that the wheels of government don’t turn quickly, and sometimes regulation can overreach and we want to proceed carefully.

But for the casual pot consumer, slow regulation can lead to poor quality control. While state-licensed dispensaries tend to have higher quality, more available selections, and better customer service, it’s hard for most buyers to tell whether they’re dealing with a licensed seller. Some don’t know until their order is unceremoniously dropped, or never arrives, or arrives as a different product than the one they ordered.

And Los Angeles is absolutely huge. Another daunting task: Developing a delivery business in the American capital of urban sprawl. The city of Los Angeles itself is about 500 square miles, and if you consider the suburbs as well, that number jumps to 5,000. Managing cannabis delivery in Los Angeles is no simple task, and the fact that such services exist at all is a bit of a minor miracle.

But Cannabis Delivery In Los Angeles Is Changing The Game. One company is making delivery speed their signature statistic; in a city where waiting for the cannabis delivery guy to show up can feel a lot like waiting for the cable installation guy to show up, guaranteeing quick delivery is a good way to stand out in the crowd.

GrassDoor, based in Commerce, CA, hopes that guaranteeing delivery in an hour or less will have a strongly positive impact on their customer base. Most of GrassDoor’s deliveries arrive in about half that time, the company’s owners say.

As the industry becomes more legal and more mainstream in conjunction with its newfound legality, companies like GrassDoor are sure to improve the overall experience of buying and using cannabis. If we’re lucky, we’ll see a renaissance in the way cannabis is experienced.





What You Should Know About Cannabis Delivery In Los Angeles