When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting? : If your dentist tells you that you will need gum grafting at any point during a dental checkup, you must take immediate action and get the gum grafting treatment as early as possible.

Many patients ask, “when is it too late for gum grafting?” when they visit our Dentakay dental clinic. It will be too late for gum grafting when your gums are severely damaged, and the root of the teeth is exposed. If you also have severe gum disease, gum grafting may not be able to perform its restorative functions.

What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a dental procedure that involves gently removing a tiny piece of existing tissue and using a new tissue to replace it. It is frequently used to stop further gum recession and covers exposed teeth roots.

The tissue used to replace existing tissue can be obtained from any part of the mouth; however, the tissue at the palate the roof of the mouth is often used , and to remove tissues from the location, the dentist will numb the palate to avoid discomfort.

Gum grafting is a common process that is not time-consuming. Depending on oral health, a periodontist may recommend different treatment choices, including surgery. You can lessen the risk of negative health impacts by treating it early.

Gum Grafting – The Process

Gum grafting is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can restore issues from receding gums and tooth root exposure. It can also be used to cover up bone loss. This dental procedure can either be cosmetic or restorative; however, for whatever reason you choose to go for the gum grafting procedure, you can be assured that it will address both issues.

Bone loss can result in tooth loss, and gum recession can expose the tooth roots, making them vulnerable to injury. Therefore it is essential to carry out gum grafting when it is needed. Waiting for gum grafting when it is too late may be dangerous and lead to some complications.

Connective tissue and gingival grafts are the two commonly used gum grafting processes. The roof of the mouth is frequently used as the source of connective tissue for connective tissue grafts. A portion of your gum, gingiva, or mouth area is used for gingival grafts.

The health and look of receding gums can be adequately restored with both connective tissue or gingival graft. When there is severe bone loss, connective tissue transplants are frequently employed because they can aid bone reconstruction. In most cases, gingival grafts are performed for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, such as to hide exposed tooth roots or to restore the appearance of gums that receding gums may have harmed.

During a conventional gum grafting operation, a little tissue is removed from the roof of your mouth or another site, like a tissue bank. After that, the tissue is cleansed and made ready for implantation. After being placed, the grafted tissue grows and fuses with the surrounding gum tissue between the teeth and gums.

This dental surgical procedure is done under local anesthesia. The process does not take time and can be carried out in under one hour if no complications arise. You can learn more about the receding gums process in this link https://dentakay.com/receding-gums/

How Much Does The Procedure Cost

A gum graft is an operative procedure that costs more than some non-surgical dental procedures.

On average, gum grafting costs around $1000 per tooth. However, you can get the procedure done for cheaper prices in some locations.

Why Do You Need Gum Graft?

Patients who need gum grafts are those that have receding gum. Receding gum is a condition where the gum of the teeth has pulled away, leaving the root of the teeth exposed. Severe dental diseases can cause receding gum.

The result of receding teeth include:

  • Hypersensitivity, i.e., the teeth will be extra sensitive to pressure and extreme temperatures
  • Inflammed and painful gums
  • Mars, the appearance of the teeth
  • Causes cavity
  • Loose teeth, etc.

Periodontal diseases may cause gum recession. However, below are some of the things that can contribute to gum recession.

  1. Smoking
  2. Trauma to the gums
  3. Bad dental care and hygiene
  4. Teeth grinding
  5. Malalignment of the teeth
  6. Hormonal changes in women
  7. Aggressive brushing and using a hard bristle brush
  8. Diseases like diabetes and HIV

How To Know When You Need Gum Grafting

It is important to be able to quickly detect issues associated with receding gum so that restorative actions will be taken as soon as possible. This is also a reason why it is important to go for dental checkups regularly so that your dentist will be able to detect it quickly.

Here are some symptoms that can let you know when you need a gum graft;

  1. Bad mouth odor
  2. Abnormally red or inflamed gum
  3. Shaky teeth
  4. Visible roots of the teeth
  5. Hypersensitivity of the teeth
  6. Constant bleeding while brushing

Note that these are just symptoms that may signify that you have receding gums. It is still necessary that you consult your dentist so that they can make confirmations.

When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

To answer the question, “when is it too late for gum grafting?” Well, there is always time to get a gum grafting procedure; however, it is advised to schedule an appointment for gum grafting as soon as your dentist recommends the procedure.

Gum grafting can still be a valid option even when your gums have receded so much that most of the roots of your teeth are showing. We advise patients to carry out the procedure to prevent complications and enable them to get the most from the procedure.


It is important to carry out the gum graft procedure when the dentist recommends it. Dentists are professionals, so it is important to trust them and heed whatever advice they give.

Delaying to get your gum graft procedure after the dentist has recommended it may cause adverse effects on your dental health and also cause complications.




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When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

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