Which Razor Gives the Best and Closest Shave

Which Razor Gives the Best and Closest Shave

Which Razor Gives the Best and Closest Shave : The beard of a man is not a spot for unruly facial hair. It’s the very symbol of their entire being that defines their personality in a quick glance. Ever wondered how your eyes wander to a man’s facial hair when you are talking to them. 

That’s why it is so important to maintain and groom your facial hair. Those who have more shaving experience know that it’s not so easy to nurture the kind of beard that matches your face. What you really need to do to get that refined and smooth skin is mastering the right techniques on how to shave without of course causing any damage to your skin. The same can be said about the shaving tools that you use.

In reality, most men are devoted to their choice of razors and shaving foams and haven’t changed them in a long time. They are satisfied with what they use and because of that; they think that there is no reason for them to look for better quality shaving products that could seriously enhance their shaving experience. It is important to tame your facial hair with the right products.

Consequently, they end up missing out on a lot of goods that could be useful for them. However, if you are reading, than that means you don’t want to be one of those that miss out right?

There are so many e-commerce platforms that deal in men’s grooming products. You can easily find many, https://beardedcolonel.co.uk/shop/5-blade-razor/, or we can offer you more information on some other quality razors.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor

Easy to clean and better than most disposable razors with its sharper and better blades — the Mach3 Turbo Razor is perfect for shaving off even the tiniest stubble. Even after several uses, the experience is no different since its use from the first try. The rubber grips on the handle are perfect as it reduces any chances of slipping. It has a long lasting strip of lubrication on the blade that reduces the friction on the skin during a shave and even comes with a refill of blades making it usable for a long period of time.

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

One of Hydro 5’s recent product, Schick is one the best razors to use for a close shave. It has a variety of functions that benefit your skin during and after shaving. The ‘5’ in Hydro represents the number of blades in the razor. Less time is needed because the five blades make it easier to cut all the hair with simple and long strokes.

To reduce the amount of friction and create a smooth surface for the blade to glide over, each blade has a skin guard placed on top to moisten the skin during shaving. Plus, there is an addition of a gel reservoir that enhances the lubrication process by 40%, which not only reduces more friction but also hydrates the skin an hour after shaving. It also has an option for a trimmer mode for cutting off hair that is usually in areas that are usually hard to trim using the razor blade.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Old fashioned in its looks but works exquisitely for a good shaving experience.

The Feather SS is the latest model designed to keep the original style of the razor but their functions are updated on a whole other level. The blades for starters are made of stainless steel so it won’t get rusty anytime soon.

The Japanese are esteemed and diligent workers when it comes to crafting their blades, which is why the blades of the Feather SS are REALLY sharp. It is easier to get rid of any excessive hair but you should be careful not to get yourself cut. The blade is easily replaceable and there isn’t much effort needed to clean it — all you have to do is place it in hot water and after awhile, it’s ready to be used again.

As mentioned before, if you really want to find high quality razors just use the Internet. One simple search will yield an array of different options and detailed insight regarding the products.

Hold on! Before you get all excited and order online make sure the razor is from a reputable brand and try to read as many reviews as possible before ordering.



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Which Razor Gives the Best and Closest Shave

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