Why Automated Cat Feeder Is A Must To Buy If You Have A Cat In Home?

Why Automated Cat Feeder Is A Must To Buy If You Have A Cat In Home?
Why Automated Cat Feeder Is A Must To Buy If You Have A Cat In Home?

Why Automated Cat Feeder Is A Must To Buy If You Have A Cat In Home? Cats are royal pets, they always tend seek the attention of their owners. This attention can be regarded as the desire for playtime, hangout time, or a demand for food. As per their imperial status, cats often demand food even when they are not hungry.

Frankly, just to demand subordination. Imagine your cat, meowing for food at 4 AM in the night or at those times when you don’t even have time to scratch your head. Pretty harsh by these noble kittens.

Obesity in Cats

As per this unscheduled eating habit of cats, they tend to eat more. Moreover, many of the cat owners still do not know how to evenly maintain the nutritional value of the cats’ diet. They don’t measure the food portions rather free feed the cats. As a result, the cats show signs of obesity, which can pose serious health hazards. As per studies, it can be seen that out of 171 million household pets (cats and dogs) an estimated 93% of these pets show signs of obesity.

The major health risks associated with obesity with pets include the following diseases

  • Health issues
  • Kidney Problems
  • Reduced Life Expectancy
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis

Automated Cat feeder

To cater this, overeating of pets, an Automated Cat feeder is an important tool that has numerous benefits, which we will study in detail. This device is a lifesaver for cat feeding and a must to have if you own a cat and love it. You can find Best feeders on americancat.

6 Reasons why should you buy an Automatic Cat Feeder

Automated Feeding: The device allows you to dissociate yourself from cat feeding. Feeding a cat several times a day and pretty early in the morning is pretty tiring. With automated feeding, this tedious tasks becomes rather easy. You just have to make the cat habitual for it.

Measure the Cat Feed: These machines enable automatic measuring of food portions in your cats’ diet, so that your cat does not overeat. You can also change the proportionality of food portions in the feed so that the food your cat eats remains controlled, under the set nutritional value.

Proxy Feeding: We love our cats and feel guilty when our cats miss their meals when we are not in the house to feed them. With this machine, you will never feel this as the machine will always be there to feed your cat, in your absence.

Programmed Feeding Schedule: With an Automatic Timed feeder, you can set a proper timetable for cat feeding. Like if you decide that your cat will consume meals at 4 AM, 8 AM, 1 PM, and 8 PM, the feeder will pour feed at the same time. This also helps to develop a punctual eating habit for cats.

Develop Good Eating Habits: Some cats tend to eat fast. This results in digestion problems, stomach problems and vomiting. With the automatic cat feeder, you can train your cat to eat slowly. As the feeder will be giving the cat the same quantity of meal in two parts separated by a 15-20 minute gap.

Ideal for Multiple Pets in Home: If you are keeping multiple pets in your home, then an automatic feeder helps you to cater the feed for each pet individually, regardless of whether it’s a cat or dog. These devices can also be enclosed and help to dog proof your cat’s food.

Get One if You Love Your Cat

Automatic Cat Feeding is a great way to feed your cats. Although it comes with a price, it pays off well. If you love your cat, you certainly want to keep it healthy, and an automatic cat feeder will help you achieve it. You just have to make your cat comfortable and familiar with it.






Why Automated Cat Feeder Is A Must To Buy If You Have A Cat In Home?

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