Why Fitness Walking Is Great For Your Health

Why Fitness Walking Is Great For Your Health
Why Fitness Walking Is Great For Your Health

Why Fitness Walking Is Great For Your Health : If you could only take away one fact from the coronavirus pandemic, let it be how important your immune system is. With the overwhelming number of obese individuals in the West, medical professionals are concerned the Covid-19 death toll will continue to increase.

Unless your immune system is capable of fighting any type of virus, you could be at risk. Vaccines may not be able to keep up with coronavirus variants.

To improve your immune system, experts recommend a good balance of physical exercise and a healthy diet. For adults, 30-minutes of moderate exercise five days a week is sufficient.

The American Lung Association suggest exercises with an easy entry-level such as brisk walking, gardening and housework.

Brisk walking offers the most benefits – not just from the perspective of physical health, but also mental wellbeing together with the social aspect.

A growing body of evidence indicates that brisk walking stimulates blood flow and oxygen levels. This means your body and brain are nourished with vital ingredients.

Oxygen plays a huge part in keeping good mental and physical health. The brain uses around 20-25% of the energy produced by the body. The brain devours oxygen – but the more O2 it gets, the better it performs.

Deep breathing also improves focus, mental clarity and slows down the heart rate. This reduces cortisol and alleviates stress. Subsequently, you feel calmer. Ancient healing practices like meditation and yoga focus on breathing for this very reason.

Brisk Walking Boosts Immunity 

The many health benefits of brisk walking cannot be underestimated. The biological effects help to keep you free from all manner of illnesses.

Brisk walking has so many benefits because of the role oxygen plays in the development of white blood cells. The immune system relies on white blood cells to create antibodies that are equipped to fight harmful bacteria, viruses and infections.

When foreign agents – like coronavirus – enter the body, the immune system is triggered. Biological defenders in the form of antibodies are dispatched to neutralise infected cells.

However, if your immune system does not have sufficient levels of white blood cells to create antibodies, your immune system is underprepared to fight off foreign invaders.

Get Out And About

A review published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science has linked inactivity and obesity with poor immune response.

Staying indoors does not challenge your immune system to fight against bacteria. The systemic ritual of cleansing your hands with alcohol-soaked disinfectant does not support your immune system either. The more the immune system is challenged the better it works.

Being outside also brings you into touch with nature – which is natural medicine. Moreover, fitness walking will help burn more calories, reduce the risk of diabetes, boosts general wellbeing, help you sleep better and reduce cholesterol.

All the benefits offered by brisk walking are what medical experts say you need to help boost the immune system. Symptoms of a weak immune system are high-stress levels, consistent colds, digestive problems and feeling tired all the time.






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Why Fitness Walking Is Great For Your Health

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