Why Some Therapists Are Using Equissage For Horses On Humans

Why Some Therapists Are Using Equissage For Horses On Humans
Why Some Therapists Are Using Equissage For Horses On Humans

Why Some Therapists Are Using Equissage For Horses On Humans : If you’re looking to learn more about Equissage, there are several things you need to know. Learn about its history, what it is, applications in humans, and future possibilities.


Mary A. Schreiber, a certified (Human) Massage Therapist, is credited with creating Equissage. She became interested in equine massage after noticing the positive effects it had on her human clients.

Mary began providing massage therapy to horses and racehorses in her Bucks County, PA boarding stable. She soon became a sought-after competitor on the Western Pleasure Show circuit and soon began marketing her services to local racetracks.

Soon afterward, her horse massages helped horses that hadn’t finished in the money for a year. She was so successful, in fact, that horses she had given up on racing were now competing and winning again.

The Equissage system was originally designed for humans 30 years ago and has since been adapted for horses. The practice now includes two programs – the Equine Massage Therapy program and the Accell Therapy course for small animals.

The course tuition for the California course is the same as that for Round Hill, VA. In addition, students can earn a certificate in both programs at discounted prices.

What is it?

What is Equissage? The answer may surprise you! It is a therapy technique that utilizes gentle yet effective touch to help horses overcome a variety of problems. This method is also used to promote healing and prevent injuries.

It is produced by Equissage California, the West Coast’s leading training organization focused on muscle rehabilitation and fulfilling the potential of equine athletes. Sabrina Kohoutek is a certified instructor and has appeared on numerous television shows and in newspapers.

The technology behind the system comes from the Niagara Therapy physiotherapy devices used to treat human injuries for over 60 years. These devices are now available in sport clubs and clinics, and can be incorporated into furniture for home use.

The massage techniques have been proven to improve circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and enhance muscle and joint mobility. Click here for more information about what swollen lymph nodes mean for human health. And because it uses a handheld attachment, it is safe and effective on a horse’s body.

The process of Equissage has been around for decades. In fact, the first horse to undergo this technique was the prestigious Jewel Princes, the American champion older female racehorse. The technique is said to enhance blood circulation, remove harmful toxins, and stimulate soft tissue.

In addition to the benefits of this therapy for human athletes, it has been proven to be effective for horses of all disciplines. It has also proven to improve joint mobility and improve a horse’s athletic ability.

Unlike the traditional exercise method, the Equissage system is non-invasive and uses cycloid vibration therapy. It delivers powerful cycloidal vibrations that stimulate the muscles and joints while improving circulation and relaxation. Click the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycloid for more information about clycloid patterns. It can also help with rehabilitation following an injury.

The system has been proven to increase stride length in horses by up to 21%, increase hock angles, and increase a horse’s speed.

A horse’s body is the largest organ, and massage is an essential part of this. Equissage is a form of therapy, and a qualified equine therapist can help improve its mobility and comfort.

It helps reduce inflammation and can also enhance performance and heal injuries. While it may not be effective for all horses, it can be an excellent addition to any trainer’s training regimen. You should never underestimate the power of a professional massager.

Applications in Humans

Equissage is a noninvasive deep massage therapy that utilizes the cycloid vibration therapy of the human body. The system consists of a Back Pad and handheld attachments, both of which deliver the same massage therapy to the patient’s muscles and joints.

Human patients will benefit from increased blood flow, pain relief, and improved joint mobility. Among its many applications, Equissage has a long history of human applications.

The Equissage training program consists of morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions cover anatomy, physiology, and pathologies, while afternoon sessions are devoted to massage techniques.

Guest speakers cover topics related to the history of massage and Equissage, as well as the therapeutic benefits of sports massage for both animals and humans. While studying at the special school, you will learn the benefits of both equine and human massage.

Activo-Med and Equissage are two of the main players in the therapy industry. Both products are used for equine and human massage. While Equissage for horses is very popular, it is also effective for humans.  Activo-Med is the leading system in Australia, while Equissage is used in New Zealand.

Just like when applied to horses, there are several health benefits to the Equissage system when applied to humans. It helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure, which is a concern in much of the human population.

It improves circulation, which as a result improves energy levels. Human patients routinely report feeling both more relaxed and energized after a session. It also serves to help improve human immune system function, which leads to greater health overall.

Equissage also improves human quality of life. Through the process, muscle pain and soreness is reduced. This increases mobility, which can lead to a more active lifestyle. The positive results begin to compound, and many patients see that they are able to branch out and add exercises back into their routine that were previously not possible.

Some patients even report a lessening of headaches, which can often be caused by stress or fatigue. They also have improved sleep, which can also contribute to improved energy levels.

People and horses that undergo massage therapy are happier, healthier, and more equipped to deal with everyday stresses.  This makes them more resilient and robust, which in turn helps them to live longer, fuller lives. No wonder therapists are using Equissage to treat humans as well as horses.


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Why Some Therapists Are Using Equissage For Horses On Humans

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