Why Use a Compression or Surgical Bra After Your Breast Lift?

Why Use a Compression or Surgical Bra After Your Breast Lift? : Are your downward-pointing nipples or deflated, loose-skinned breasts diminishing your self-esteem and confidence? Worry no more! A breast lift can help you get a more curvaceous, full, and firm bust that enhances your attractiveness and feminine feel.

Breast lifts raise and re-shape your breasts, thus making them less sagging and deflated. The surgical procedure also helps reduce loose skin and stretch marks and repositions downward-pointing nipples, making them look firm.

For your breast lift procedure to be successful, you’ll need to use firm compression bras during your breast lift recovery times to improve and quicken the healing process. Post-surgical compression bras hold your breasts in position and prevent sagging and random movements that hamper quick healing.

What’s a Compression Bra?

A surgical or compression bra is a garment akin to any sports bra but with great coverage over your breasts. The garment provides compression, limited breast movement, and proper positioning necessary for fostering healing. Also, the garment prevents breast lift post-op complications such as fluid accumulation, infection, and blood clotting complications.

Compression bras are made of breathable and soft fabrics. The garments may also have surgical draining cutouts and adjustable straps. Compression bras are worn for approximately four weeks, and they can get removed during bathing and laundering.

What Are the Pros of Using a Compression Bra Over a Regular Bra?

After a breast lift, your breasts need to stay in a proper position and have some compression to prevent fluid buildup and blood circulation complications. Here are some of the advantages of using surgical bras.

Reduces Swelling

Compression bras apply pressure on your breasts to help reduce post-op swelling caused by fluid buildup.

Reduces Blood Clot Formation

Compression bras improve blood circulation and thus prevent the risk associated with post-op blood clotting. Improving your blood circulation also betters wound healing and reduces the risk of infection.

Shortened Recovery and Healing Time

Post-op compression garments reduce discomfort and possible infections and bruising. As such, you can experience a quick and pleasant recovery after breast augmentation that allows you to return to your normal life.

Restricted Breast Movement and Possible Injuries

Wearing a surgical bra gives your breasts proper and firm support, allowing your breast skin to contract and fit its new contours while the surgical incisions heal seamlessly. Also, the compression garment helps maintain proper posture and easy movement during daily activities.

Prevents Irritation or Inflammation

If well-fitted, your compression bra ensures that your breasts’ tissue stays elevated and away from the surgical incisions and stitches. Maintaining such a distance keeps your stitched areas safe from irritation or inflammation.

Lessens Stress From Other Garments

Your blouse, t-shirt, coat, or other garments may subject your breasts to strenuous movements that could hamper healing. But with a compression bra barrier, your breasts are safe.

Prevents Breast Drooping

A surgical bra holds your breasts in a firm position and prevents the drooping of your breasts after completing the healing process. The firm hold ensures that your breasts acquire a new and firm look.

The above-cited pros grant you solid reasons to use a compression bra after a surgical breast lift. But you’ll still need to worry about the size of the compression garment, the possibilities of skin allergies, the period of use, cleaning your compression garments, and more.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can offer you more insights into the use and choice of compression or surgical bras.

How long should you use your compression bra?

Typically, breast lift patients have to wear their compression bras for four weeks. However, depending on the extent and procedure of the surgery, your plastic surgeons will always advise on the specific timing of use.

Is the fit of your compression bra important?

The fit of your compression garment is important because it determines the level of pressure and degree of support that the garment offers. Ideally, your compression bra shouldn’t be bulky or overly restrictive. Instead, it should give you a snug fit, which isn’t too tight to cause discomfort.

As such, taking your measurements and checking the sizing guides is important before ordering or choosing your compression bras.

Should you be concerned about skin sensitivity and allergies?

Yes. The continuous wearing of compression bras should raise concerns about possible allergic reactions. Ideally, you should ensure that your surgical bras don’t have any potential allergens such as formaldehyde or latex.

You should also avoid compression garments with metal stays and under-wiring that can irritate your skin.

How should you clean your compression bras?

Is your skin sensitive? If so, it’s advisable to wash your compression garments using mild and non-biological detergents. Also, you should wash your compression garments periodically to improve personal hygiene.




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Why Use a Compression or Surgical Bra After Your Breast Lift?

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