Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Women?

Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Women?
Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Women?

Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Women? Vaping, the consumption of E-Cigarettes is always an alternative to quit smoking. The damage caused to the organs of your body is much less when compared. Due to this, the urge to shop vape products has become common.

Women smokers, who had the habit of the smoking shift to stix vape pens. Below listed are the most possible reasons that women shifted to vaping nowadays.

Increasing Stress

Smoking previously was not common in women back in the 90s. But over the decade, women actively took part in many sectors. The work pressure too increased as they achieved more. The corporate world is about meeting deadlines, holding clients, and marketing the whole day.

After a hectic day, one opts to smoke to relieve the overpouring stress and relax for a bit. Between work, it’s hard to go out and smoke. Stix vape pens come in handy, easy to use. Also, no odor of burning tobacco emits from it.

Stix vape pens
Stix vape pens

Breathing Difficulties

Smoking cigarettes regularly can be lethal for your lungs. Due to the presence of tobacco, tar deposits massively. The tidal volume of lungs hence decreases.

It is proven that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is common in women than in men. Consumption of cigarettes simply increases the risk. Since vaping is comparatively less risky, women shop vape products more.

Reproductive Health

The welfare of the reproductive system is crucial. Not only for the health of offspring, but one’s well being. Irregular menstruation, severe cramps, and earlier menopause are common symptoms for women who smoke a lot. It reduces the estrogen level alarmingly causing dryness of vagina and fatigue.

To avoid all these health risks, vaping is considered much safe. It contains only nicotine and no such other element which may be harmful to women. Vaping products, mainly stix vape pens are much in demand for them.

Pregnant women, who are in habit of smoking, suffer from early birth, child defect, and death of the infant. It is advisable to not smoke, cigarettes, or vape products, during this period.

Vaping Products
Vaping Products

Getting Flavours

Women always prefer something soothing and boosting one. There is a compartment for adding the flavor of your choice in your stix vape pens. One can inhale the aroma from every puff.

Some common flavors for vape products are:

  • Peach Green Tea
  • Black Mamba
  • Pink Spot
  • Frozen Lime Drop
  • Gummi Bead
  • Banana Nut Bread

Judicious Investment

All want to spend money judiciously, but cigarettes cost much. Those who are chain smokers, they consume packets after packets. All of these are a waste of money.

Vaping products are a one-time investment, as you just need to charge to keep you long. So, many women find it logical to prefer to shop for vape products.

These are some of the logical reasons why women nowadays prefer vaping more than smoking and shop vape products more. One needs to be responsible for their good health. Getting rid of smoking is hard, but one can go for the alternative by carrying the stix vape pens with pride.







Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Women?

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