Why You Should Stop Juicing

Why You Should Stop Juicing : Juicing has become the fast alternative to meals within a restricted diet, some maybe just have them as their fast and allow them to be on the go, then having to commit to a sit down traditional meal. However, it does not help us stop thinking of how juicing can have some negative factors that would in fact, convince you otherwise.

As they say, health is wealth and knowing the whole picture before you get yourself deep in the juicing trend is better in the long term, right? There are talks of using green powers as a new trend, with different momentum, and you find some of the best greens powders as an alternative to juicing.

Continue reading to find out reasons against juicing; if you are not so much a healthy eating fan, this could come as a relief and further your reason for why not to drink them!

It is Expensive

We are sure this does not come at any surprise, considering that it is always cheaper to eat unhealthy food over the best fresh produce you can get your hand on. Not only this, rather than eat the whole vegetable/fruit, to create a juice, you will need to have access to more than one of each item, as one never usually is enough to make some juice! So, your shopping list will most likely be much more expensive for your information.

Another thing to take notice of, is how expensive the juicers actually are. Some cost hundreds of pounds, and sure while they are a novelty, not everyone has hundreds of pounds lying around just to spend on a juicer. Especially since the craze there are brands that have exceedingly increased their prices due to the demand of more people wanting them.

If you think having a juicer means you will not buy anymore from cafes, you are wrong! Many times, your juice doesn’t stay fresh for long journeys and commutes, so it makes total sense that you would buy from outside too, so you cannot use the excuse of, ‘I will save some money’. You will still find reasons to purchase from outside unfortunately.

It is a Messy Job to Clean Up

You heard that right. With all the parts used in conjunction of making your juice, it is highly likely that it takes a while to clean, disinfect and so on. All the individual pieces will need to be wiped down and cleaned properly, due to the small nooks and crannies within the juicer. If you do not clean it well, it can smell pretty bad overtime, as fruits and vegetables do rot over time, so take note. Also, have you ever actually tried to get rid of Beetroot from a juicer? You will most certainly hate your life. The natural colour from this bad boy will most definitely make your juicer not so new in colour stains; and the raw elbow greases needed to try and get it out is another story entirely. Do not say we didn’t warn you!

You can get E.coli

We are being serious here. Did you know that raw foods have a higher likelihood to carry bacteria and microbes within them? Salmonella and other pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa can exist within soil and therefore be thriving on your carrots and so on. That is why cooking at high temperatures is the best as it helps you really kill that pathogen before you eat it. Juicing however does not. You are drinking them straight from the produce and if your weak immune system does not have what it takes to tackle the contamination, let us just say you could be in for a horrible ride. Cancer patients for example are told not to even think about juicing, as it can seriously make you ill and attack your already weakened immune system.

No Fibre no Fullness

We are sure you have heard how fibre is the key to satiety and fullness. Well there is not much of that is there within juiced drinks. When you opt for a predominant juice diet, you are essentially missing out key fibre for your diet, which is essential for appetite suppressing, your digestive system and so on. You are eliminating a key food group for your diet, quite dramatically. You may find with time, you will seriously suffer with toilet issues down the line as your stomach will not be used to holding heavier food, once you decide to wean of juicing. Your body does not like the extreme we can tell you that, so you will not be doing yourself any favours at all here unfortunately.

Onto the hunger issue, it may be common that the juices will not hold your appetite, and while we think that fruits and vegetables are negligible in calories, we can tell you that some of the home-made juices can exceed in calories that a typical meal eaten has. Worst thing is however, that you will actually not feel fuller for longer and will most likely need something to fill you up again, down the line. So, if you are not counting your hidden calories, do not be shocked by those pounds gained out of the blue. Energy needs to be energy out; just because it’s all natural, there still is energy there that your body either stores as fat or uses as fuel!

We all know that with the power of social media and celebrities, many people are seeing the promotion of diet culture that is not sustainable for long term health and wellbeing. What you need to remember here is, not too much of something will ever do you a world of good, it is always about the balance at the end of the day. So, if you happen to be yearning for a good out Five Guys, alongside your juices-why not? As long as you eat balanced, intuitively and consciously, you have nothing at all to worry about. Do what is good for you and your health and then everything will fall into place nicely.





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Why You Should Stop Juicing

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