Will Getting a Cat Get Rid of Mice?

Will Getting a Cat Get Rid of Mice? Tom and Jerry are famous cartoon series, well-known for Cat and mouse chasing. These cartoon series is mere representation of hunting skills of cat in real life. Mouse and cat have always shared this hide and seek relationships from their origin in food cycle.

Mouse problem is big issue if not considered. Pets such as mouse carries diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), which can carry from mouse to humans, and can cause dangerous effects on our lives.

The breeding cycle of mouse is only six weeks. This means in a period of a year they can grow their population more than 8 times, and if any check is not applied, it can grow to massive numbers.

Mice cause financial as well as health loss. We, for our comforts use poisons to check mouse populations, but this can have its demerits.

  • Generally, mice are handled by spreading rat poisons and other toxic substances. This toxic substance can be too dangerous if you have small children in your home, or otherwise also can have health hazards for family members.
  • After having a dose of toxic substances, mouse dies in the areas far reachable by us, as corners of heavy furniture, or far difficult inaccessible areas. This can be a difficult situation to clean the area and to remove dead mouse’s body. After having a poison, mouse runs to water sources to drink. It’s a great headache if mouse dies in a pipeline left opened or other water line or closet out line, which gets clogged by dead mouse’s body.
  • We come to know after 3-4 days when any mouse dies, after when a rotten smell reaches us. This foul smell can have hazards and is unbearable for even seconds.

If you have a mouse problem in your house, you can consider having a cat as pet in your house to deter mice. Cats have natural hunting skills. So, we can use these skills to get rid of mouse from our homes avoiding hazards of using poison and other toxic substances.

Generally, Cats are not true pets, but can be kept around in your house for a long period if we can provide them good pet food, water, safety and warmth.

Cats have natural strong hunting skills. From years in food cycle, they are kept in category of carnivores mammals, as they have to feed themselves on other animals like mouse.
Cats, if left little hungry will definitely look for option to fill in their appetite. In homes, mice are their easy targets. This can have your mouse problem solved.

Female cats are good hunters, they can be considered more over male cats, as they teach their kitten to hone up their skills of hunting.

Mouse occupies houses they feel safer and less interrupted. Having a cat in house can hurt their feeling of being safe and after some time they can easily skip your house for making their habitat.

Cats are self motivated and are self driven to make the generations of mouse extinct from your house.

You can consider of having a cat to get rid of mouse from your house.

Let us know your thoughts and more ideas for this.

Source: http://bestwaytogetridofmouseinhouse.com/cats-as-mouse-repellent/



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Will Getting a Cat Get Rid of Mice?

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