What Woman Wants In Bed

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Do you sometimes wish your partner could please you more? Most men are more than willing to satisfy their woman in bed. The problem is that they don’t always know what women want. If you want your man to fulfill your sexual desires, you have to teach him how in a way that doesn’t feel like a lesson.

1. Ditch the Fear

Many women feel reluctant to ask for what they want in bed. They feel that if they articulate their desires, their man will develop a negative opinion of them. No woman wants her man to think she is a tramp. If you want your man to please you in bed, you must get over your fears and insecurities. Wanting to enjoy sex and knowing what you like doesn’t make you a tramp. If women weren’t supposed to enjoy sex, they would not be born with clitorises. Most men want their wives or girlfriends to enjoy the act of lovemaking. A man generally feels proud when he knows he can satisfy his partner sexually. Thus you should never be afraid to let your man know what you want when it comes to sex.

2. A Little Discretion

Men tend to be more fragile than they appear. It is not difficult to damage a man’s ego. Hence you must be gentle when you ask for what you want in bed. If you want your man to please you in bed, be very careful not to criticize him. If you make your man feel that he is doing it all wrong, you will damage his self-esteem. Instead of criticizing, try to make your man feel that you are sharing a mutual exploration. It is also a good idea to focus on what he is doing right rather than mentioning his mistakes. If you are subtle and discrete about asking for what you want, your man will think it was all his own idea. Hence your man will come to think of himself as a good lover, and his pride will remain intact.

3. Talk About It

If you want your man to please you in bed, you might want to start by mentioning sex in a neutral environment. Ask your man to tell you about his sexual desires and fantasies. Listen to what he has to say so that you can learn how to please him better. Once your man has mentioned his own longings and fantasies, you can talk about yours. Tell your partner about the things you like him to do. Talk about the things you want more of. Make suggestions about things that you would like to try. Confide in your man by telling him your most secret fantasies.

4. During Sex

Do not be afraid to ask for what you want during the act of lovemaking. Just make sure you are not critical, and ask in a sensual way. Use positive language to get your partner to do something you like. Tell him how much you love it when he does a certain thing. The more sexually aroused your partner is when you tell him what you want, the greater the likelihood that he will acquiesce.

5. Showing Him

Some women do not feel comfortable with the idea of asking for what they want directly. Fortunately, you don’t have to use words to let your man know what you want in bed. You can gently guide your man by moving his hands or altering his physical position. You can also alter your own position for extra stimulation. Most men really like it when their woman is willing to show him what she wants.

6. The Right Noises

Most people take their cues for the other person’s reactions during lovemaking. Hence you should make appreciative noises when your man is doing it right. Do not be afraid to moan when you feel pleasure. Just make sure you do not make pleasure noises when he is doing it wrong. Also make sure you don’t make more noise than is warranted. Keep it real, and resist the urge to be insincere just to make him feel good. If you make all the right noises when he is making a mistake, he will think he is getting it right. Hence he will probably keep making the same mistake.

7. Positive Feedback

After you have made love to your man, give him praise for all of the things he did right. Let him know you really liked it when he touched you in a certain way. Tell him how good he made you feel. This will bolster your man’s ego and make him feel good about himself. It will also make him want to do the same thing the next time you make love to him. When you are giving positive feedback, be honest. Do not tell him something felt good if it didn’t. Try not to exaggerate about how good something made you feel. You can also use these feedback sessions to make suggestions. For instance, you might mention that something felt good, and then tell him it would feel even better in a different position. When you offer positive feedback, make sure you are nonchalant about it. Your feedback should not feel like a formal lesson.

8. Return the Favor

There is nothing wrong with asking for you want in bed. However, making love should always be about both partners. When you talk to your partner about sex, don’t just tell him about what you want. You should also listen when he talks about his own sexual desires and fantasies. If you learn that your partner likes to be touched in a certain way, indulge him. If you can give as well as take, sex with your partner will be better for both of you.

If you expect your man to transform into Don Juan overnight, you are likely to be sorely disappointed. It will take your partner some time to learn exactly how to please you. Hence you should be patient with him. If you are both honest with each other about your fantasies and desires, you will soon have a fulfilling sex life.


What Woman Wants In Bed