Workout Tips for Absolute Beginners

If you finally realize that you should start working out, read on some workout tips for absolute beginners to get you motivated and fit. With these good tips, you have no excuse for sitting on the sofa, bored and unhappy! Go ahead and start your fitness routine right now!

1. Make sure everybody knows about it

When I decided to start working out, I made sure my friend knew about it. Why? Because if you say to yourself, that you’ll go to the gym today, you might find excuses not to go. And if you put your intentions out there in public, you have no choice but to follow up.

2. Start slow

Don’t overdo your exercise routine! You don’t have to stay at the gym for 2 hours or run for 1 hour nonstop. Start slow, because too much exercise can make you sick. When I went to the gym for the first time, I ran for about 20 minutes at a moderate speed, and the next time, I ran for about 25 minutes with more speed.

3. If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up

Sometimes there will be days when you feel bored and lazy and when you want to give up altogether. But don’t worry; it’s okay to have a rest without feeling guilty. Most of us have bad days, but we always can bounce back from it, so don’t beat yourself up when you have a really bad day.

4. Keep an emergency fitness bag

If you just start exercising, sometimes you will try to find excuses to avoid it. One of the most common excuses is that you don’t have your gear with you. So try to carry a pair of sneakers around, and if you have some unexpected free time to exercise, you have got no excuse. I always carry my sneakers everywhere and it works wonders for me.

5. Think of the end goal

Sometimes your exercising will get really tough. You will feel pain all over your body and absolutely tired. But you know that it’s worth it. If you feel discouraged, think of the end goal. You will be much healthier, much more fit, and more fresh in just a couple of weeks. Think of all these wonderful things and don’t give up!

6. Get a buddy

At the beginning you might want to give up and throw away your gym membership card. That’s why you should find ways to motivate yourself to work out regularly. One of the best ways is to find a buddy. You’ll plan your sessions together, convince, force and inspire each other to stick to the exercise routine.

7. Listen to music

I agree, exercising is bored, especially for absolute beginners. One of the best ways to make your exercising less tiring and painful is music. When you listen to music, you are not focusing how much you want to stop, or how tired you are. Music will help make you keep going, and give you that extra push.

Do you have any of your own workout tips to add? Share your thoughts, please!


Workout Tips for Absolute Beginners

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