Yo-Yo Effect of Dieting

How many times have the words “I can do ANYTHING for 30 days!” been uttered by an erstwhile dieter. It has been said at one time or another about any number of things. So, the dieter stops eating chocolate cake for 30 days. No bread or potatoes or rice shall pass the dieter’s lips – it’s just for 30 days. Brave words about exercising every other day are heard– but just for 30 days.
Yo Yo Effect of Dieting

So, some weight is lost, perhaps even a goal is reached. Looking good! So, a little celebrating leads to a cheeseburger (with a bun), then an order of French fries shows up on then plate. One piece of birthday cake surely won’t hurt. Next, is the tapering off the exercise to once a week, then it’s back to the couch.

After being in starvation mode for a month, the body soon begins to store fat. It is a biological fact that the human body stores fat in an effort to protect itself from a repeat of the “healthy diet.”

So, the weight that was lost on the 30 day diet comes back with a vengeance. That is the dreaded yo-yo effect of dieting!