Yoga can Make You Healthier

Amidst growing concern about the spread of the H1N1 virus world over, many have turned to Yoga and Ayurveda for prevention and even a possible cure. Yoga practitioners claim it can help combat swine flu by improving your overall health. Forward bending asans help to drain phlegm, backward bending asanas would build confidence, sideways bending would exercise intercostal muscles increasing the lung capacity, the pranayams would help to transport oxygen to each cell and build up energy reserves. Jalaneti (nasal cleansing with warm saline water) is very useful to keep the respiratory system healthy.

Good health at all levels is the aim of Yoga. So, the aim is lofty. Practising Yoga every day especially Pranayam including Kapal Bhati, Bhastrika and Anulom Vilom helps to boost the body’s immunity. The major types of pranayam are nadi sodana, shitali pranayam, ujjayi pranayam, kapal bhati and dirga pranayam. An individual whose body is strong stands a better chance of fighting swine flu. It is a form of therapy even in Asthama, Diabetes and Heart Diseases. Since there are various types of diseases afflicting us. Usually they follow a pattern depending on the age group and gender of the individual. We may take preventive tests to identify where we do stand.

The various tests that men need to undergo (20 – 30 years)

Blood tests: Full blood counts and peripheral smear /A blood lest to identify one’s blood group. /Blood sugar test done on empty stomach and after meal /serum TSH test: base line screening for thyroid diseases / Liver function test / Lipid profile /Urine routine examination / ECG / Chest X-ray / ultrasound abdomen to screen for stones in the gall bladder, kidney and to look for aortic aneurysms / Consultation with an eye specialist / Consultation with a physician / Consultation with a dentist / Consultation with a dietician.

Additional tests (31 – 50 years)

/ Trade mill test: to look for occult for angina or coronary artery disease / Pulmonary function test / Echocardiography: to look at the structural details of the heart.

Additional tests (50 years & above)

/ Blood test PSA for screening of prostate cancer / Stool for occult blood to screen for gastrointestinal malignancy

Once we are able to identify our deficiency, we can consult some specialist as to which asanas are good for a particular type of disease. Since Yoga is committed to the fundamentals, it takes a broader view of the whole problem of diseases as to what the root is and how to be cured. It puts forth universal concepts like karma (action), samsakaras (ethical values), asmita (self respect), chitta sudhi (self spiritually cleansing) prana (soul) to understand the complexity. Many times, it happens that we are taking medicines and treatment we feel are the best but we do not get relief. Because we are not mentally prepared to take that treatment due to our own thinking or prejudices. Modern medicines are there but they provide immediate relief for some time – they can not guarantee against re-occurrence. Yoga aims at the removal of the basic cause of your discomfort.

Swine flu is also a respiratory disorder and children, the weak and the old who have low immunity are easy targets of the H1N1 virus. Your diets also play an important role in prevention of the diseases. Only boiled water, well washed vegetables, garlic, turmeric, honey, ashwagandha and basil are particularly useful.

Be Happy – Adopt Yoga to make yourself healthier.