You Can Continue Your Love Affairs while Working.

Love is an emotional offspring. You can not dictate someone to love you or you can not be done with so. Sometime, it happens that you see someone and find that he/she is so attractive that you wish to talk, see closer and do not get bore if meeting time goes on increasing. That person can be an outsider or one amongst your colleagues.

Luckily, if he/she is one amongst your colleagues having working post just nearby to you, you may find that understanding your mutual work lives can deepen your relationship. And instead of rushing home each evening, you may be willing to work late, especially if you can do it alongside your beloved. It can be beneficial even to your employer if you devote your time more sincerely, side-by-side enjoying the company of the person you love.

No doubt, having love affairs at the work place do have merits and demerits as well. Be careful if your love affairs go sour, there may no escape but a lot of disgust and loss of mental peace affecting your productivity and perhaps, risk of shunting you off the job as you may still have to see and interact with that person daily. A failed workplace romance can also hurt your career and reputation.

If your love affairs remain sweet, other people may view your well earned promotion or raise as favoritism. And even if the relationship works out, it can be tough to work with your lover. You may get sick of each other if due to work, your spouse is posted at some more distance than earlier.

Whether you should or should not invite someone at the office isn’t always a clear-cut decision. It depends on your situation and personality. But if you decide to make the leap, tread carefully over these issues.

Before going ahead in love affairs within the office, you must make sure that you can afford the brunt of failure also.

If you decide to go ahead in love affairs by frequently meeting somebody in your office, you must not tell to any other one or act in such a way that some other one is able to guess as he/she would always be there to watch your proceeding ahead and make it news in the office. From then on, the two of you will be under the microscope. It’s even dangerous if the two of you are peers. For example, if you’re seen helping your sweetie out with work, someone else who also needs your help may go to the boss and complain you’re playing favorites. Thereafter, the other people may start to keep watch and apprise your Boss of the developments. Your boss will start to see the productivity from your end and your beloved one’s end. If there is some reduction, he can comment to make the relationship sour. At your end, if it doesn’t work out, you still have to face that person every day. You will have to make sure that you can tolerate all the unsolicited comments from the concerned and unconcerned persons.

You Need To Be Very Much Smart by not opening your book in any stage before finally positive working out the relationship.

You should not expose your entire life to become an open book. Before you ask the person you love for a drink, you must ascertain that he/she isn’t the type to share your innermost secrets to any third person for any reason. Better, you should not disclose unless you mature your relationship.

Love Affairs with a Junior must not come to limelight.

If due to some happening, you feel love for a junior, try to ensure that your emotions do not come to limelight. Your relationship can be misconstrued as a power play – “Attend me, or you won’t get that promotion.” If you do not find yourself able to control yourself, you must change the office/posting.

If some senior fellow is there, you must handle the affairs very carefully. If things go beyond your control or he/she misuses, you could get hit with a lawsuit for sexual harassment, even if the relationship was mutual. Some companies require managers to report workplace romances and both parties to sign an agreement stating they willingly entered the relationship.

You must prefer for the work over the display of your love within the corridors of office.

Good people keep workplace romances a secret. But secrets can cause issues among coworkers. The key is to be discreet. Don’t hold closed-door meetings, don’t make overt displays of affection in the office and stay focused on work. You must prefer for the work within the corridors of the office so that none can hit you for any fault.

It’s important not to spend every waking hour with your lover and your work. That’s not good for any relationship. You must make a separate line for both. Pursue other interests together and individually. And make sure you have more in common than your jobs.

You Must Be Honest with Your Prospective Partner.

Honesty is the best policy and even in your love affairs, you must be honest with your prospective partner. It is more important if your partner is working within your office. If you’re only looking for a quick fling, you shouldn’t make long-term-relationship noises in your efforts to seduce. That candor is always important, but especially so in the workplace.

You Must Think Twice Before Starting a Relationship with Your Boss.

In some workplaces, this is strictly forbidden, but even if it is permissible, you must be alert. If later on, you dump your boss, he/she may retaliate through every opportunity for torturing you.

In fairness, sometimes a relationship with a boss can yield special privileges, like a corner office. Even if the boss decides to end the relationship, he may give you a promotion or another perk to reduce the risk that you’ll file a grievance. One study found that 64 percent of women who had a romantic relationship with their boss reported that, as a result, their work situation improved.

Love affairs with your senior are also risky even if the relationship is working well. For example, your honey begs you for a plum assignment that, from a business perspective, you believe should go to someone else. But you feel forced to say yes to your special friend. And if you break off the relationship, you’re really in danger: Your former beloved could claim you abused your power. You could end up losing your job.

If You Decide to Go for It, Be Professional.

If you do decide to pursue a work-related relationship, inform management, because chances are they already know. If you keep it a secret and they find out, it can lead to distrust.

But keep work on priority. Don’t come in and set up camp at a table for six hours while your boyfriend is working his shift. We can’t mirror two schedules all the time because you would like to work as a couple. Business needs must come first.

Love is as essential to the life as the bread is. If you are not able to serve your emotions well, what are you working for?

Be Happy – You Can Continue Your Love Affairs while Working.