You Can Explore Divinity within Yourself

For centuries, man has been untiringly searching out the power which gives, operates and destructs this great universe. When he could not succeed, he designated the unknown divine power as G O D. The “G” is the first letter from the word ‘Giver’, “O” from Operator and “D” has been taken from Destructor.

If you ever sincerely and seriously analyze your own existence, you can find that Divine power is very much within yourself. One of highest experiences you can have in your lifetime is to know yourself as the Divine. When you let go of all fear, drop every judgment you have, release all those opinions about yourself and others, you will stop believing you are separate from God. You can discover a place of sacred refuge within that is like no other.

It’s only your mind that makes you think you’re separate, when in reality you’re one with the ocean of existence. It’s not until you realize that you are not this mind, nor your ego, that this false identity ceases to run the show. You’ve created this idea about who you are, yet it’s just a conglomerate of thoughts and is not who you truly are. Once you drop all separation, only then can you let go and find true permanent peace within.

Some people may say it’s blasphemous to see yourself as God, yet I say it’s totally ridiculous not to. The cause of all suffering in life stems from the one tiny little idea that you are separate from the God Source. When this belief is truly challenged and you relieve its grip on you, there is such a tremendous freedom and love found that you’ll never ever be the same again. I invite you to sit with this challenge this week, if you truly want to be free from all the suffering in your life. Below are the 3 essential steps we all must take to step out of suffering and find total unification with the God Source.

1. Deeply accept that there is a highly intelligent conscious creative source of energy that runs through everything. God actually exists. It is like one thread weaving through the entire tapestry of life. There is nothing that is not touched by this divine intelligence. You are also driven by that Power. If you are taking breath, the machine within you is operated by Him. He is within you, within your own system and you have no control over yourself, your own body for whose comforts, you have so far been fighting for. If that power leaves your body, you would be no more. It means that if you are there, the operator too is there.

2. Know that I am connected to the God Source from which all manifestation happens. In an infinite field of space (the Universe) each point in that field is the actual “center” of the entire field. You are one of these points from which the entire Universe revolves around. Every thought you think radiates outward, creating your experience of Reality in this infinite space time continuum.

3. Realize that everyone and everything is the God Source. There is nobody who is not connected to God. How can the finger ever work separately from the hand? All beings have this divine thread of intelligence running through their consciousness. No matter how unconscious they are, it still exists within each living cell. Once you realize that the God Self that you are, is also the same God Self in everyone else, you stop perceiving yourself as separate and see them as an aspect of the Real You!

But it is true that your ego can not accept it. Your ego says that if you are succeeding, you are doing it yourself. There is no super power to help you secure the achievements you made so far. But you forget that the power, once operating you, can destroy you without any permission from you. So the really big question here is what can you do to drop your ego? Well, this is a tricky one because there is nothing you can “do”.

It’s more of an un-doing and a releasing of everything when the ego is finally freed. It is only through total surrender to Source that the Divine finds you. The ego is simply an over-identification with the “I” thoughts. Those thoughts that say, “I am this” or “I am not that” create the entire ego trip. When you get hooked into believing “I am this or not that”, you are creating attachment to limiting ideas and instigating the entire ego and your sufferings. The truth is that you are nothing and everything, because you are God and that which is beyond God. It’s really that profound and that simple.

Some people can ask you, “What’s the difference between your mind, your personality and your ego?” Not much, it is just that your ego is a personification of your mind. The mind gets attached to ideas and makes you identified with them. This creates the ego. When you are thinking that you are this body, and you have these problems, these feeling, and these thoughts you start becoming identified. The only way to know yourself as God is to become unidentified with everything and also know you are ONE with everything at the same time. This realization cannot be forced yet happens instantaneously when you drop deep enough into the exploration of the Truth of who/what you are.

God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine. We all grow up as kids starting off with an ego so that later in life we can transcend it. That is the goal.

When you believe you are separate and disconnected from a divine all loving infinite Source and think there is no connection at all, you are only seeing one side of the coin. Try all three sides of the coin (the edge is a side) and you’ll see suffering instantly evaporates. We are each supposed to believe in limitation, lack and struggle just so that we can one day drop it all. This is the purpose of believing in any lie. When you create the illusion that you are stuck, separate, challenged and disconnected from the infinitely conscious loving God Source, the day you return back to it you receive the greatest spiritual experience of your life! Divine unification on the deepest levels wouldn’t be possible without the illusion and experience of having an ego.

Forget your Ego and explore out divinity within yourself by sacrificing your own self interests when you see there are benefits to the surroundings more emphatically. If you provide pleasures to the destitute, God will really be happy with you and you would feel that God is there to help you and/or provide help to the needy through you. You would be treated like God by those who really need you and you help them in the hours of their actual needs. God may bless you with better understanding.

Be Happy – You Can Explore Divinity within Yourself.