You Need to Justify Your Existence.

It may seem to be some strange question if you ask yourself why you took birth. Why are you existing? God has wished something for creating you. We should not remain ignorant as we all have within our soul a deep knowing about our unique purpose in life. We need to introspect to know what it is.
When we grow up to gain our maturity, conventional wisdom dictates us that we must set clear goals achieve great things. After all, how can we relax to know where we are going if we do not know where we want to go? Now ask, who is setting the goals and who is creating the vision? Naturally, we do it as it is known in common parlance.

Studies of Fortune 500 CEOs found that the top executives relied upon quiet time, moments of prolonged inner reflection, to help them make better decisions. The inner connection allowed them greater access to intuitive problem solving which resulted in clearer thinking and more effective decision making. This modern approach to business is founded upon ancient Eastern philosophy whereas the western culture may not attach any importance to such factor.

Without going outside, how would you know the whole world? Without looking through the window, you may not be able to see the ways of heaven! The farther you go from your target, the less you know the progress you are going to achieve. To “know without travelling”, “see without looking”, and “work without doing” is to be without effort. “The farther you go, the less you know,” speaks to the great mystery of life that is beyond our personal comprehension.

The deeper aspect of ourselves, call it the soul if you like, exists in harmony and unity with all creation. A subtle, yet tangible force of energy, weaves a web that interpenetrates all life. Our thought, our consciousness can access this subtle realm to receive ad to create, to learn and to impregnate. This subtle force is the terrain of the soul. You know you have found solid ground in this subtle realm when you feel peace, love, joy and bliss; not necessarily all at the same time.

To set personal goals, you can use the old tried and proven method and use your mind to think about what you want and develop a plan to achieve those goals. Effective, but not necessarily the most enlightened approach.

This century calls for enlightened action. This approach requires a deeper knowing of the self. We all have within our soul a deep knowing about our unique purpose in this life. When we take the time to introspect and ask for clarity about this purpose, we can more consciously become aligned with the highest forces of creation.

The process of realizing our soul purpose also reveals the mystery of “being without doing”. The soul functions at level that is beyond and transcendent of our personal ego. The will and intention, tools of the soul, are actually powerful forces that can be used for manifestation. Our own material efforts and unfocused actions recede in the face of the soul’s ability to intuitively personal story will provide some clarity.

Years ago, I was very troubled about the nature of the world. The Cold War was raging and the possibility of a nuclear holocaust seemed all too possible. I was meditating and had vision of a nuclear bombing exploding a few miles from my home and considered that reality in which I had a few seconds before I would be vaporised. I asked myself, “Have I done everything in my power to prevent this?’ The answer was “No”.

From a very deep and sacred place within me, I spoke to the Great Voice that often guides me and offered myself in any way that might be found useful. It said: “If you try and help keep the world from being blown up”.

Of course, one cannot just sit around waiting for results to happen. Once the goal is clear, we must do all we can do to fulfill our mission? My point is that working from the inside out and consciously aligning ourselves with our deepest values allows for more enlightened action and ultimately greater success.

How is it possible? Efforts from me alone may not be sufficient. We may have to gather momentum within our associates and others to join hands, to gather sufficient energy and resources to move out for common betterment, beyond our self interest. Here it is worth of mention that once you think welfare of the others, you can also be cared for one day, perhaps not immediately. If you continue your mission of serving others, you can be treated with equally as and when there is an opportunity.

For betterment of others, we can identify their needs and sort out how and when we can help them appropriately without hurting them emotionally. Instead of donating to them, we may create such infrastructure which may help them to become independent soon and better, if they become so competent that they are able to pay back your contribution soon thereafter. They will soon recognize your existence and their recognition will justify your existence. Yes, you are there to be mentioned about.

Be Happy – You Need to Justify Your Existence with Your selfless working only.