Your Guide to Sourcing Trustworthy CBD Hemp Flower Products

Your Guide to Sourcing Trustworthy CBD Hemp Flower Products : Following the legalization of hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products have soared in popularity. Now you can easily obtain hemp flower products at a nearby cannabis dispensary or online. But, with this convenience also comes the challenge of choosing the right product because not all of them will give you the experience and results you desire.

Moreover, some of them could even pose a risk to your health. So before you purchase anything, read this guide to learn how to source CBD hemp flower products that are safe, effective, and enjoyable.

  1. Find Out the Origin

    The journey toward high-quality hemp flower products begins at the roots, i.e., the place and conditions in which it’s cultivated. Opt for brands that grow their own hemp flower and are transparent about the entire process, from sowing the seeds to packaging and shipping.

    For example, Rogue Origin is a reputed brand based out of southern Oregon that’s known for growing clean and potent hemp flower without the use of chemicals and additives. According to Nathan Sukhov, the manager of Rogue Origin, “the secret to an excellent CBD hemp flower lies in the fusion of seasoned hands with the ideal growing conditions”. This can only be achieved if the farmers have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience growing hemp flower.

  2. Check Third-Party Lab Reports

    Every seller will say their hemp flower is the best but not everyone will have the evidence to back it up. Third-party testing is essential for confirming that the cannabinoid content and terpene profile in the flower match the claims. You also want to ensure that it’s free of harmful substances, including THC above the legal limit. Reputed hemp flower sellers make the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) easily accessible so consumers can make an informed decision. Make sure to always read it!

  3. Read Online Reviews

    The easiest way to find out whether a seller is trustworthy or not is to read online reviews on third-party websites and forums such as Reddit. Focus on reviews that talk about the brand’s service in addition to their CBD hemp flower quality to determine whether they’re worth your money or not.

  4. Keep an Eye Out for Unverified Medical Claims

    Are they making bold claims that their product will cure your insomnia or chronic pain or make your digestive issues disappear? Though there’s anecdotal evidence suggesting CBD may help in the management of these conditions, research is still in its nascent stages, which means it’s illegal to make such medical statements. Stay away from brands that claim their product prevents, treats, or cures any health conditions.

  5. Visually Evaluate the Product


    Whether you’re buying your CBD hemp flower online or offline, a thorough look at the anatomy is all you need to determine its quality. A high-quality flower will have dense green buds, a frosty appearance, and abundant pistils on the surface. A poor-quality flower, on the other hand, will have dull yellow or brown buds that seem hollow and brittle and fewer pistils. Quality flower also has a rich aroma and feels slightly sticky but crunchy to the touch.

Keep these points in mind while you’re shopping for CBD hemp flower products and you’re sure to find quality products that will support your wellbeing and offer you an enjoyable experience. And if you’re a first-time user, remember to consult a healthcare professional to ensure that CBD is the right choice for you!









Your Guide to Sourcing Trustworthy CBD Hemp Flower Products

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