Calming Activities to Help You Relax During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Calming Activities to Help You Relax During the Coronavirus Pandemic : Mental stress is our body’s typical response to challenges and demanding situations, and an unprecedented ordeal such as the coronavirus pandemic is placing many of us under a lot of strain.

People are losing their jobs, face-to-face classes are shifting to the digital landscape, and for the most part, all of us are stuck in our homes—indeed, there are plenty of reasons to feel stressed about.

But the good news is there are also lots of ways to alleviate stress. Try out any of the stress-relieving activities to ease your mind and body amidst the global pandemic.

Complete a puzzle

Get yourself a complex puzzle—and by complex, we mean a set that has 1,000 pieces! When you think of it, people usually think of solving puzzles as a hobby or a way to pass the time. However, in addition to the fun it provides, did you know that solving puzzles carries many benefits for your mental health?

For instance, when solving a puzzle, you use both sides of the brain. And in the process of working and communicating together, your brain is increasing its cognitive function. Also, research suggests that spending 25 minutes on puzzles improves your IQ by 4 points! What’s not to love about that?

Try fishing

If you want to get close to Mother Nature, we suggest going out fishing. It’s an easy and inexpensive sport, and beginner kits are always available at any store that offers fishing supplies.

There are several reasons why we are suggesting fishing as a relaxing activity. For one thing, this activity helps increase your vitamin D intake, a fat-soluble vitamin essential for bone health. Likewise, it also helps strengthen your immune system—and as we all know, a healthy immune system is our strongest defense against illnesses nowadays.

Fishing also improves your concentration and helps reduce stress. There’s something about being near the water that instills a sense of peace, tranquility, and calmness.

However, when exploring outdoors, make sure to always follow key preventive measures such as staying at least a meter away from others, wearing a fabric mask, and practicing regular handwashing.

Get out in the garden

Gardening is not only about decorating your house. For some people, it’s a relaxing way to cope up with the daily stressors of life. Interacting with flora in your backyard can be highly beneficial to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Taking good care of plants is like hitting two birds with one stone—the activity provides a relaxing way to ward off stress and calories at the same time. According to a scientific study, people who participated in community gardening activities have significantly lower BMIs than their inactive neighbors. So, this activity will suit you the best if you’re looking for a chill way to get back in shape.

But the health benefits don’t end there. It helps lower blood pressure, increases your vitamin D intake, and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. Indeed, there’s more to gardening than planting, digging, and weeding.

Don’t worry if life has been stressing you out lately. Sometimes, all you need is time for relaxing activities such as these.







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Calming Activities to Help You Relax During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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