Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress

Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress
Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress

Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress : Have you been facing a lot of stress? Tried meditating and still need something more? Try our favorite exercise routines to help relieve stress in your life!

Are you experiencing chronic stress and don’t know how to get out of a slump? Aside from eating healthy and sleeping well, exercise can help your body reset its energy flow and keep stress at bay.

Whether you’re trying aerial yoga poses as a new way to handle stress or are more into jogging outside in nature, working out in any shape or form is the best good mood booster out there.

Keep reading to discover our favorite exercises for stress relief that’ll help you lead a happier, healthier life.


Dancing is one of the best methods for stress relief and it’s so much fun at the same time. Aside from providing great entertainment, dancing can also help you burn calories and feel vital and energized in minutes.

Simply play your favorite uplifting songs and let the music carry you. You can create a long playlist of fun and happy songs that you can play whenever you’re feeling stressed or in a bad mood.

If possible, sign up for dance classes in your area or try a dance class online. Aside from being a great exercise, dancing will also help you learn a new skill and improve your focus and job performance.


Walking is one of the easiest ways to clear your head, reduce stress, and get some fresh air to help your body and mind catch a breather.

Whether it’s an hour-long walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park or brisk-walking as a way to burn some calories, this simple activity has tons of benefits.

Start by setting a daily walking goal for yourself, especially when you’re under a lot of stress. Choose a place to walk that is quiet and pleasant, like a park, beach, hiking trail, or special walking areas in your city.

When walking, try to focus on the things around you – the sunshine, the sounds of nature, birds, and animals, and the boost of energy in your body.


If you love nature and adventure, biking can be a great stress-relieving activity for you. You don’t need any special equipment or an expensive bike to explore biking trails. You can go explore your city on a heavy duty electric bike, go to a nearby forest, a city park, or your own neighborhood.

What matters is getting good exercise for your health and wellness, not how many miles you’ve gone through. You can also rent a bike if you don’t want to invest in one and go on a ride whenever you’re feeling stressed or upset.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is more than just an exercise – it’s a lifestyle and one that can help you relieve stress and live a more mindful life. The main premise of Tai Chi is to listen to your body and move accordingly.

The movements are self-paced so you don’t have to push yourself, but at the same time, you’re mindful of your breathing, which helps calm the mind.

Tai Chi is similar to yoga as it’s not a strenuous exercise, yet it helps the brain slow down and focus on performing the movements rather than be all over the place.

Tai Chi is an art form but it’s still simple enough to do for people of all ages and physical preparedness levels. Once you learn the movements, you can do them wherever and whenever you need to center yourself and soothe your nervous system.

Strength Training

Strength training is one of the most incredible ways to move your body, build strength, and relieve built-up stress and tension. it’s also strenuous if you’re a total beginner so you’ll need to find a good personal trainer to avoid injuries and strains.

With strength training, you’re using props and exercise equipment to build muscle mass. At the same time, the feeling of pushing yourself to achieve a certain goal can give you motivation and help you eliminate stress.

You can also do strength training using your own bodyweight if you don’t want to use equipment or go to the gym. For instance, push-ups, squats, plank, jumping jacks, and walking lunges are great at-home strength-building stress-boosting exercises.


Pilates is a group of exercises that aim to help with muscle strength, body alignment, stress relief, and flexibility. Because the exercises are controlled, they require a level of concentration, which helps the brain focus on the task at hand instead of dwelling on stress.

Pilates can be challenging for beginners as it’s also a strength-building type of exercise. This is great for releasing feel-good hormones and endorphins which contribute to stress relief and better mood.

All you need for pilates is a pilates ball, an exercise mat, and a positive mindset.

Aerial Yoga Poses

Aerial Yoga Poses
Aerial Yoga Poses

Yoga is the perfect solution for stress relief due to the nature of the yoga poses that don’t require extreme physical activity. There are many different types of yoga for different purposes and preparedness levels.

For example, hatha yoga, also called flow yoga, is a series of yoga poses that don’t have any breaks in between. Because the body moves quickly from one pose into the other, it’s kind of like doing a series of exercises.

Then there’s aerial yoga where you do all the yoga poses on a hammock hung on the ceiling of the room. When doing aerial yoga poses, you’re basically floating in the air and maintaining balance.

Active styles of yoga require quick thinking and focus, so your brain doesn’t have time to think about stress. Even slower, calmer yoga can help you with stress relief – listen to your body and choose the best yoga type for your lifestyle and needs.

Live a Happier, Healthier Life With These Exercises for Stress Relief

Whether you prefer aerial yoga poses for stress relief or love a good intense exercise to boost your serotonin levels, exercise is one of the best ways to lift your mood and feel better in no time.

Want more fitness and wellbeing tips? Explore some of the other articles we’ve written on these topics and learn about the best ways to take your health and wellness into your own hands.







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Our Favorite Exercises To Relieve Stress

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