10 Fashionable Necklace Designs for Different Occasions to Make You Stand Out

10 Fashionable Necklace Designs for Different Occasions to Make You Stand Out : Regardless of whether you’re staying the whole day at your office or hitting the nightclub until the sun came out —you deserve to look your best.

Wearing jewelry can be daunting especially when there are all sorts of rules and fashion styles that you have to take note of. Since jewelry is designed differently for each piece, it’s natural that there will be occasions where one design won’t be applicable.

It may seem like a small thing, but committing a fashion faux pas can definitely land you in tricky waters. So if you want to avoid awkward moments where your jewelry is obtrusively out of place, then take note of these 10 fashionable necklace designs for you to wear on different occasions.

  1. Job Interviews: Bar Pendant Necklace

    Different companies will have different dress codes depending on the position and the nature of your job. But the general rule is to not wear anything remotely flashy and to keep things simple.

    A bar pendant necklace that hangs just in the middle of your collarbones is the perfect accessory to wear on job interviews. It’s elegant, stylish, and would go perfect with business attire. Also, this type of wholesale fashion jewelry is very versatile nowadays, you can find all types of designs such as with name engraving, floral decorations or chain tassels.

  2. Gala Parties: Pearl Opera Necklace

    For occasions where you need to dress up but not too much that it would look like a red-carpet event, an opera necklace fully made of pearls will instantly elevate your look.

    This would even go better on simple dresses with dark tones to let the pureness of the pearls shine through. If you want a polished matured look, then this necklace is definitely the right one for you.

  3. All-Night Clubbing: Rhinestone Bib Necklace

    Shine bright like a diamond on your late-night excursions by accentuating your look with a rhinestone-ridded bib necklace. This necklace design is honestly a lifesaver when it comes to choosing a piece of lively jewelry to wear because it fits with any type of outfit that you would wear.

    Go for a bib necklace that is 12 to 19 inches long depending on the cut of your dress. Trust us when we say that this will give that oomph that you’re looking for.

  4. Red-Carpet Event: Shiny Torque Necklace

    Hitting the red carpet, whether it’s your fancy corporate annual event or a posh high school prom, is the perfect time to bring out the eye-catching jewelry that you often don’t get to wear.

    Finish your outfit with a contemporary-designed torque necklace. A torque necklace is a unique jewelry style that resembles a large bangle for your neck.  It could be minimal with a shiny hardware finish or have some sort of Cleopatra-esque emblem incorporated into it.

    The sleek finish lets you blend this design with the majority of outfit styles with ease. Plus, it’s unique enough that it will surely be the talking point of the whole night!

  5. Casual Day-Out: White Lace Choker

    For the days when you don’t really have anything much going on except wandering around, a white lace choker is a perfect necklace to tie your whole look together.

    It’s light on the skin so you don’t need to worry about irritating your neck when you’re out and about the city. Plus, you can even layer it with other different necklaces if you need something with a little more impact.

    Wear this necklace with a sweet summer dress or a nice flowy blouse with denim shorts and you’re ready to conquer the bright sunny day.

  6. Sunday Brunch: Silver Lariat Necklace

    Looking forward to that start-of-the-week Sunday brunch with your girlfriends? A silver lariat necklace will be your best companion to spice up your look.

    A lariat necklace will add the perfect amount of drama and style to your look while still keeping it super casual. It has more personality than your usual pendant necklace but won’t completely overdress your style.

  7. Wedding Bride: Diamond Princess Necklace

    The day of your life has finally come and let the shiniest diamond princess necklace complete your wedding gown look.

    Nothing beats a diamond princess necklace as your wedding accessory. No matter what style your dress is, this design will complement it in the best way. Of course, if you are treated like a royalty and the star of the show, then why not dress up like one?

  8. Wedding Guest: Lavaliere Gem Necklace

    If you’re not the bride of the day, however, maybe set aside the large statement pieces exclusively for the bride.

    But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t look at your best. A lavaliere gem necklace would look elegantly with any type of dress and it’s bright and sparkly enough to highlight your features without overshadowing the bride.

    You can keep things simple with clear-cut gems or go for colored ones that coordinate with your outfit. The possibilities are endless!

  9. Festival Parties: Plastron Necklace

    Are you attending the Coachella this summer or scored an outdoor mosh pit ticket to your favorite band? Well, make sure to be dressed to the nines so you can secure an Instagram-worthy photo to commemorate this memorable event.

    Pair up your flashiest outfit with the grandest of necklace designs. A plastron necklace will be the perfect accessory to liven up even the plainest of looks. This oversized necklace is a staple for any outdoor party event and this will surely be a hit that will get people talking and looking.

  10. Graduation Ceremony: Icy Riviere Necklace

    When walking across the stage to get that diploma that you’ve worked so hard for, you need something to wear that screams “I made it!” to the audience.

    So why not treat yourself to a Riviere necklace to let everyone know that you’ve successfully girl-bossed your way out of school? A Riviere necklace will look stunning when the stage lights (or the sunlight if your venue is outdoors) shine on you and it won’t look awkward against your toga.

    You can even take it to the next level and get matching Riviere sets for earrings and bracelets. Definitely go all out because you deserve it! If you want to explore more of this necklace type and find earrings or bracelets to match for your graduation day, you can check some of the famous online jewelry stores such as Etsy,Tiffany, JewelryBund and Jewelrybybloom.





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10 Fashionable Necklace Designs for Different Occasions to Make You Stand Out

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