10 Issues Only Women Will Understand: Is There Any Hope?

10 Issues Only Women Will Understand: Women may not understand each other’s cultures as well as they should. However, when it comes to being a woman, there are struggles and daily challenges they all understand. A review of the 10 issues only women will understand helps them find common ground in all cultures.

  1. Leaking Onto Their Clothes During Their Periods

    Heavy periods present this issue for women and girls of all ages. At one point in their lives, women experience this embarrassing moment. By reviewing heavy flow pads, women may discover products that prevent this from happening.

  2. Cat Calls When Walking Anywhere

    When walking down public streets, many women experience the unpleasant cat calls from men working in these areas. While it can be flattering when someone compliments them, it is not flattering for random men to blurt out unwanted sexual commentary.

  3. Wet Shirts From Leaking Breast Milk

    New mothers know all too well how unpleasant it is when their breasts fill with milk and leak on that beautiful blouse they’ve been waiting months to wear. While breast pads are helpful, they don’t always do the trick.

  4. The Rate at Which Body Hair Grows Back

    Body hair has become more acceptable in some cultures, but for women who want to be baby smooth, it is a nuisance. Women with thicker hair understand the pitfalls of waxing and shaving. It seems like it doesn’t matter which option they choose, the rate at which their hair grows back never seems to slow down.

  5. The Struggles of Finding the Right Skincare Products

    For many women, it doesn’t matter if they choose according to their skin type, finding the right skincare products is quite a challenge. At one point in their lives, they could have combination skin, and a couple of years later, their skin could become dryer.

  6. Earning 21% Less Than a Man

    Women throughout the world are ready for wage equality, and it is time that all women earn the same amount as men. In all industries, this change is necessary.

  7. Finding Foundation That Matches Your Skin Tone

    Cosmetics experts recommend placing the bottle of foundation against the underside of the forearm to get the best match. Unfortunately, with undertones and pigment changes, it is often difficult to find the right shade for every skin tone during each season.

  8. Finding Jeans That Fit You Everywhere

    A serious issue when it comes to jeans is size inconsistency among brands. However, jeans won’t fit all women correctly in all areas of their curves. Ladies with larger thighs will see signs of wear faster around their inner thighs.

  9. Humidity: The Real Hair Tragedy

    Women with naturally curly hair know all too well how detrimental humidity is. Even after a blowout, as soon as the humidity touches their hair, it goes right back to the hot mess that it was before the process. The frizz struggle is real.

  10. When Your Hair Flies Into Your Lip Gloss

    Women with long hair love lip glosses, too, and a common issue is the first gust of wind outside after applying the lip gloss. As soon as the wind blows, all their beautiful tresses are stuck in their lipgloss.

Women understand serious struggles, and they relate to all of these common issues. Regardless of their cultures, women know the struggles or trying to look and feel their best. They also understand how inequity can affect their lives.







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10 Issues Only Women Will Understand: Is There Any Hope?

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