6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Your First Date

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Your First Date : No doubt that online dating is the most convenient way to meet a romantic partner. It becomes more and more popular day after day in our digitalization epoch. Busy professionals and citizens of metropolises don’t want to spend their evenings on blind dates and random meetings.

But how do you save time and understand that the person who texts you is worth your attention? If you want to make your search on dating sites for singles secure and resultful, check our tips below.

What can their profiles tell you about them?

The profile on a dating platform can tell a lot about its owner. So, take a deeper look at the photo he or she chose and think why:

  • at the bar with a cocktail
  • cute with pet
  • in an outfit for rock climbing, yoga, and so on
  • a blurry selfie with sunglasses
  • a vacation photo, etc.

What do they write about themselves? Maybe, you have common hobbies or life values? If there is no information, just the heading, for example, “men seeking women”, it seems suspicious. Are they too busy to fill out the profile, or just not picky?

What about the way they talk to you?

What was your first talk about? Did it look like pick-up homework? Or it was a question about something from your profile information? A funny joke or simple “hi”? If he or she makes efforts to get your attention, they are really interested in you. If these were comments about your sexuality in the profile photo, it means that the person doesn’t search for serious relationships.

Do you feel the pressure?

Remember that dating sites for singles are needed to find someone who will respect and love us as we are. If the person pushes your boundaries, tries to control you, makes you do something that you don’t want to do, it doesn’t look good.

Also, it seems strange when the conversationalist tells you what you should do to be with him or her. It’s a reason to say goodbye right now. Don’t confuse expectations and requirements: it’s normal when people want to find someone who shares their hobbies, but nobody shouldn’t force you to skydive.

Doesn’t he or she look suspicious?

Unfortunately, our world isn’t perfect and people can lie on dating websites. It’s hard to figure out, but there are several things to look out:

  • They text you only at a certain time of the day.
  • They don’t want you to call them.
  • They disappear and don’t text for a certain period.
  • They explain their behavior by mentioning strange reasons.
  • They suddenly delay a date or are busy whenever you ask for a date, etc.

So, maybe he or she is a superhero, has a special secret mission, or hides a life partner?

Do you have to adapt to them?

Usually, men seeking women and women looking for men are interested in like-minded people, support, and partnership. It’s about searching for a compromise, not a sacrifice. So, if the person expects that you will change your plans or principles as he or she wants, it’s a sign of selfishness and disrespect. If someone insists on the first date at home, calls for night drinks right now, and is quiet at other times, you should talk about it.

Do they insist on a meeting in a private place?

The first offline date gives a chance to feel the butterflies in the stomach, to get to know each other better, and see the sparks between you. You two guys are almost strangers, so if you don’t trust this person enough, avoid meetings in a private place. It would be better to meet in the daytime. In case of date night, don’t be afraid to turn to the bartenders’ secret help. Also, you can tell your friends where you go, ask them to meet you or call at a certain time to finish the date.

Ask yourself these several questions to save your time on dating sites and avoid people who don’t make you happy. Don’t be upset about negative experiences: there are thousands of local singles, you definitely will find a soulmate!






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