10 Must Features to Look for in an EMR System!

10 Must Features to Look for in an EMR System! : EMR, Electronic Medical Record, is one of the most considerable software for all the hospitals around. This innovative software has changed the face of healthcare facilities in a way that no one has expected. Right now, for doctors, it has turned out to be one of the best ways to provide services to all the patients efficiently and to keep up with the records as well.

But when it is about getting your hands on the software, it is essential to look for features as well. Some doctors are aware of the features, and some are not. For all of them around, here we are with this article. Here, we will explore the top 10 features of Electronic Medical Records in detail so that there will be clarity regarding finalizing it. If you are someone who wants to keep up with the latest trends, keep on reading and get aware of all these features in detail!

Ten must-have features with EMR:

In this section, we will help you to know about the top 10 features that are a must-have with EMR so that you can analyze the benefits to electronic medical records as well. These are as follows:

Customizable EMR templates:

The first feature that must be available in the electronic medical record is the customization option. Do check whether it has templates available that can be customized quickly or not. The templates available are helpful in speeding up the charting process, and within a few taps, you will be able to create a chart to view the patient data for quick referencing.

Also, check out whether there is an option available to create your own template or not. It is quite easy to understand that every doctor has different requirements and functions according to their specialties. In that case, the customization option is one of the most helpful options because it allows them to use EMR to the extent that is needed, and they can get the benefit as well.

Reporting and 24/7 access:

It is important to check out that you will be able to use the electronic medical record system anywhere, anytime, and in that case, 24/7 access is something that you need to check out. Ask the provider whether it is built up on a web-based platform or not because if it is so, then only you will be able to get access to it on any device 24/7, just with the help of an internet connection. With the help of EMR, you will be able to customize the reports and generate the data automatically that works best for you. Ask the software provider how this particular software works so that you can understand its reporting feature as well.

Scheduling features:

The scheduling feature inside the EMR is a feature that allows you to keep track of appointments. This is one of the considerable electronic medical records advantages to know. Whether this feature is integrated or not. It can also be customized as per your specific needs, so do ask the provider whether it is available or not. This feature is specifically helpful in improving productivity by centralizing the admin processes and organizing the regular appointments in a way that things can be managed efficiently.

Provider-to-provider communication:

There are certain conditions where you need to share the information with other physicians. Do check the software for provider-to-provider communication because it will allow you to quickly receive and send the patient records to some other doctors in case of emergency and for the sake of discussion as well. There is a possibility that you may want the electronic medical records system to be a centralized system for communication that can promote effective chatting between physicians. Do check out whether the particular software you have chosen features the same functionality or not


There is a possibility that you need to send prescriptions to the patients and let them know about the refills as well. This feature of electronic medical records in healthcare will be helpful for patients to get their medications on time and can communicate with the pharmacies as well. The electronic medical records software is helpful in tracking medications that have been prescribed to the patients and also has the ability to notify them whenever there is a need for them to take the medications or in case there is any allergy they are having with it.

Patient Portals:

The patient portal is an information page available inside the hospital management software. It is helpful to educate patients about a particular topic as well. Sometimes, it happens that patients are dealing with some particular health condition, and in that case, they can seek the information from electronic medical records online. Also, if there is any need for them to connect with the doctor on a particular topic, they will be able to connect with them as well.

Lab integration:

Lab integration feature is also something that helps doctors to streamline the treatment. Check whether you can integrate it with the labs to collect the reports or not. This is essential because this will help you to get the reports right away, and accordingly, the treatment can be customized. Also, this will reduce the delays that take place during report collections from the labs.

Automation is important:

We cannot deny the fact that automation has ruled the era to an extent that no one has expected. Thankfully, within online electronic medical records, there is a feature for automation as well. It is a must to check whether it features the same or not. This feature is specifically for appointment scheduling, data entry, and so on. This will be helpful to streamline the business processes and come up with the best outputs as needed.


When it is about securing the patient’s data, the portal must be secured. Always check whether the portal is secured or not. Ask the provider about the encryption methods considered because this will help you to know whether the patient records will be safe on the portal or not. In case the portal is not secure, there is no point that you can secure the portal.

Ease of use:

Lastly, it is essential to check out whether it is easy to use or not. If there are difficulties in using it, you will not be able to use it easily. Ask the provider about how you can use it and analyze the process so that there will be no problem in using it, and integrating with other software will become easier!


In conclusion, EMR is one of the most considerable software available for new-age doctors in the present times. This software is helpful for them to keep track of patient health records and to come up with the treatment option that goes well as per their condition. The best part is doctors will be able to keep up with patient data and can provide the treatment accordingly. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of duplicate tests because there are records available inside the software, and accordingly, the doctors can access it.

But when it is about choosing the EMR for your hospital premises, keep up with all the features mentioned above. Search for the software provider having Hospital Management Software and then finalize the same. During the initial discussion with the software provider, know about all the features integrated. Ask them how you can take the benefits of all of this. This discussion will help you to know how will things work and how you can utilize the software to the fullest. If there is anything that appears to be irrelevant to you, then as well





10 Must Features to Look for in an EMR System!

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