10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Face

10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Face : What comes to your mind when you hear the well-known phrase, ‘looks don’t matter?’ Your mind probably wanders off into thinking that physical appearance is of no concern. The truth, however, is far from it. Not that this phrase has some hidden meaning, but it doesn’t dissuade the reader from caring about looks.

It generally just implies that looks aren’t meant to matter as much as we think. Understandably so, your outward appearance is mainly a manifestation of how well you take care of yourself.

Want to turn that might into a definitive answer? Read on for ten telltale signs that you’re obsessed with your face:

  1. The ‘P’ Is For Pimple and ‘P’ is for Problem

    I’m pretty sure no one on the face of the Earth welcomes a pimple with a smile. Why would they? It’s like a tiny little bump on your face that demands attention at all times. Pimples are problematic, not going to lie. However, what separates someone who’s bummed out over having a pimple and someone who feels like the earth-shaking? Their reaction and their underlying obsession with their faces.

    You probably check the mirror after every hour (possibly less). Each time hoping that the pimple is gone by Divine intervention. If not that, maybe the tons of acne products you used came into effect by now.

  2. Anything Can Be a Mirror If You Look Hard Enough

    Passing by a store, cars going by or stopping at the bus stop. There isn’t an opportunity not to reach where you don’t look at yourself. It’s one thing to look into a mirror. I mean, that’s what they’re for. It’s another thing to make do with anything as a mirror. If you’re obsessed with your face, you’re following one simple game plan. That is: If you can see a reflection, it’s worth staring at.

    Never mind the driver in the front seat gazing awkwardly at you while you fix your hair in his windows. You have to do with what you get, right?

  3. Your Phone Is Your Best Friend

    Alright, maybe this is a bit unfair considering we’re all on our phones 24/7. However, in hindsight, not all of us are on our phones taking selfies. I’ll admit, I’ll take one (read: a couple) of selfies when I’m out with my friends. However, when my friends start to question whether I’m here with them or with my phone – yikes. If you can relate to a situation where your friends practically start begging you to put your phone down, you’re obsessed.

  4. Bet: You Spend More Time at the Bathroom Mirror than Anything

    Let me be the first one to openly admit that bathroom pictures are the absolute best. I mean, the lighting is on point. With that being said, if you’re obsessed with your face then you’re probably in and out of every mall restroom specifically to look at your appearance.

    I’ll go as far as betting that you’d spend more time gazing at your reflection than actually using the restroom.

  5. You’ve thought about Cosmetic Surgery

    Let’s revisit the very first statement made: looks don’t matter. Well, I’ll mention it here again just so you’d stop thinking about getting those fillers. I mean it, stop. Cosmetic surgery is one thing if you need it or can afford it, but don’t get it out of an illusion that it’ll get you something. The fact of the matter is, get it if you want it, but not for the wrong reasons (read: just because).

  6. You’ll make a Comment or Two about Yourself

    Ugh, there’s nothing people hate more than self-loathing. I’m sure you hate that too, right? Just because you know that there’s a fine line between loathing and complaining. You’ll mention a comment about how you aren’t feeling like you’re pretty. Even though you know you look bomb. Just so people would come to the rescue with an arsenal of comments. Yeah, I see you.

  7. You Constantly Think Of Your ‘Better’ Days

    Some skin conditions, such as acne, are brought about by the environment. Hence, you might have flawless skin one day and then boom! People who’ve seen you in both conditions know that this is going to go away eventually. Then there’s you, thinking back to ‘better’ days. This comes under the umbrella of obsession because you’re sad over how you looked before.

    It’s understandable if someone develops a chronic condition and thinks back over better times. However, your definition of better is without one pimple.

  8. Going Out Only If You Know You Look Good

    You’re probably that one friend in every friend group who people tell an hour ahead of everyone else. I mean, in their defense, you’ll probably still be ten minutes late because you had to fix your hair. A clear sign of having an obsession with your appearance is if you can’t go out unless you know for a fact that you look good.

  9. Highlighting Your Flaws

    What’s the first thing that you notice when you look into a mirror? Probably everything that you feel is ‘wrong’ with you. The worst part about having an obsession with your face is that you start being extremely critical of yourself. You won’t focus on any feature that’s beautiful, you’ll only look at the bad. Not only is this damaging your self-esteem, but really bad for your general day.

  10. Seeking Validation

    If you’ve crossed that fine line between getting compliments and craving them, you’re in trouble. Seeking validation comes off as needy and annoying. You don’t want to be that person. Trust me.


And there you have it! 10 clear signs that you’re obsessed with your face. Let’s just remember the fact that it’s one thing to want to look your best, but an obsession is a call for trouble! People want to look good. They want to stand out, or they might want to blend in. Either way, everyone wants to look at least presentable. However, sometimes people put in a lot more effort into their faces than might be warranted. This is known as an obsession. If you’re reading on, you’re probably relating to a lot of the things that are being said. You, my friend, might just be obsessed.






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10 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Face

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