11 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mom Need

11 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mom Need
11 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mom Need

11 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mom Need : Breastfeeding is most important for baby after birth and minimum age of 6 months which can be extended to 3 years. Breastfeeding is a tough and tiresome if not done properly. Again and again need to breastfeed your baby can feel you exhausted. Breastfeeding can be made easy and comfortable with few breastfeeding essentials we are going to list here.

  1. Nursing Bra

    While breastfeeding you need a comfortable, Stretchable and Supportive Nursing Bra. Finding good nursing bra can be tough task. Bra should not make you uneasy to flex your position and don’t dig into your body to make it unfit.

  2. Breastfeeding Pillow

    All Breastfeeding Pillows are not made equal, some fit large women adequately, and some are better for travel. These pillows can provide support to your arms and can even solve gaping issues while Breastfeeding. These pillows can also assist in supporting your back and can help in avoiding back pain.

  3. Breast Pad

    Also called Nursing Pads, can be very useful for Breastfeeding. Leaking breasts are very common if there is gap in feeding time. It can cause embarrassment and cloth stains. Keeping Breast pads in bras can avoid such situations. These pads have good absorption properties with waterproof and plastic liners which can keep moisture against your skin trap inside them.

  4. Nipple Shield

    Soft Silicone or rubber piece that covers nipple are known as nipple shields. They provide assistance in feeding in different situations like Latch On Difficulties for new born babies, Premature babies, tongue tied infants or in case of flat retracted or inverted nipples.

  5. Nursing Chair

    Breastfeeding can be very tiresome for your spine and even cause back pain. Proper sitting position is very essential part of breast feeding. Breastfeeding or Nursing Chair is used to provide back support and even space for you to feed, some even provide with rocking feature to make your baby feeling swaddling effect while breastfeeding. It helps in elevating your legs to improve posture.

  6. Breast Pump

    Best tool for working women, who want to feed their baby on breast milk apart from not being available all the time. Breast pumps can be used to suck milk out of your breast artificially and can store it for later use. Breast pumps are manual as well as electric for automatic use. They are also used to increase milk supply. If you are caught in a situation where baby is premature, and you need to feed baby on breast milk, which baby can’t, you need a breast pump to solve this situation. You can use electric pumps to do the job as it takes hardly 15 minutes to pump both the breasts in comparison to 45 minutes for manual pumps and can even mimic baby sucking effects to avoid nipple pains. You can use Spectra S1 Plus Breast pump for this purpose, which is very popular and convenient and effective.

  7. Milk Storage Pack

    If you use breast pumps to feed your baby, you should be very hygienic to store breast milk to avoid any contamination. Breast milk can be store upto 4 hours on room temperature, 3 days in refrigerator and upto 6 months in a freezer. But, most essential is that you keep it in a proper hygienic Milk Storage pack. Proper storage bags can maintain the same taste of the milk. Store only that much amount of milk in storage bag that your baby can consume in once. Storage bags can help you store milk for longer times easily.

  8. Nipple Cream

    Breastfeeding can cause water deficiency and cause skin soreness in breast and nipples. You can experience skin cracks and dryness over the nipples, which can cause pain while breastfeeding. This can be solved by using proper nipple creams. Consider non scented nipple creams, and do remember that it may not contain numbing agents which can irritate baby and stop baby from sucking.

  9. Feeding Cover

    Baby can ask for feed anytime and anywhere, whether at home or at public places. It can be embarrassing at public places to breast feed when you feel the people may stare at you. If you have bigger boobs, the public viewer’s discretion can be difficult. You can use Feeding covers to avoid this type of embarrassing situations and can feed your baby anywhere, anytime. Feeding cover can able you to feed your baby anywhere publicly maintaining your privacy. You can even use muslin covers for this propose.

  10. Warm and Cooling Compress

    Breastfeeding after long duration can cause engorgement in breasts. Excess milk held in breasts can even cause problems. It can be painful and uneasy too. Warm Compress can be used before feeding session and cooling compress can be used in after feeding sessions to cure swelling and inflammations in the breasts.

  11. Nursing Sleepwear

    Babies do feed in night time too, while in half sleep or while being awake in middle of the night. Nursing Sleepwear able you to sleep comfortably while breastfeeding at night. Elastic necklines can be easy to expose your breasts for feeding and back in position when not needed. Soft fabric can ease the baby too and feel comfortable while feeding. Nursing night gowns can be easy to make you feel as ease.


Let us know if you have advice for other breastfeeding essentials women can use to make it more easy and comfortable.


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11 Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mom Need

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