How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Overall Health

How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Overall Health : Did you know that the right tone of lighting can improve your overall health and wellbeing? Let us show you the best ways to use lighting to promote health.

Lighting Improves Health

Specific lighting tones can do everything from helping to you energize, relax, boost your desire to exercise, and focus on tasks you need to accomplish. There are many different types of lighting, but you should always use indoor lighting in your home.

Each type of light can be used in different rooms, or nooks to create the feeling of wellbeing that you desire.

Blue Light

Blue tones are the closest to natural daylight. Blue light tones are also known as “daylight white”, which help you feel energized and awake. Daylight white lights are excellent choices to use in your kitchen, bathroom, and wherever you have workout equipment.

This type of lighting tone will make you feel more focused and energized in those areas as you’re working on tasks. The key to using blue light to energize is to find lower levels of blue tones in the light.

Blue tones that have higher levels of blue should be used in bedroom nightstand lamps to help you fall asleep.

Red Lighting

Warm and cozy is the feeling we all experience in areas lit with red lighting. Think of the ambience you feel at candlelit dinners, and that’s the feeling captured by lights with red tones.

Using red tones lights in areas where you want to have a sense of fun and a glow. This will create the instant feeling that there’s something especially warm and inviting happening. Floor lamps and table lamps, in particular, are great furnishings to contribute to a warm, cozy feeling.

To create a warm, luxe and even glamorous feeling. In the bathroom, for times when you want to wind down and relax, luxe, warm, vanity bulbs are a perfect choice. They’re LED, which is eco-friendly, and the vanity bulb lights by Brightech are totally cost efficient!

Another great method of capturing warm, red-toned lights is by using floor lamps that provide high levels of lighting over a wide area. Floor lamps that arch over furniture, such as sofas, take up less space, and they cast a wide glow over the areas you want well light.

Red Lighting
Source: Brightech

Placing Lights for Maximum Wellness

So as we’ve mentioned, using the right tones in the proper areas is key.

You can transform your home into your own personal oasis of health, and wellness, by placing your lights in the right place.

Learn to Master Task Lighting

Consider task lighting to be furnishings from floor lamps to table lamps and magnifier lamps. In your living room and bedroom, choose lights that illuminate properly but can be adjusted to suit the feeling you want.

For example, near your bed, a balance of red and blue light will give you the cozy feeling you want, while increasing serotonin levels to fall asleep. The Carter table lamp is excellent choice for your nightstand.

Learn to Master Task Lighting
Learn to Master Task Lighting

In the rest of your bedroom space, choose a floor lamp with a light but opaque shade, to give the light you want, with the feeling you want. Are you cleaning out your wardrobe? Use blue toned lights. Do you want your room to always have a warm, snoozy feeling? Use more red-toned light.

With LED lights, their durability and lifetime expectancy allows you to switch them out as needed for the mood, task or feeling you want to accomplish.

Crafts and Focus Time

Here’s where magnifier lamps take the stage. While you can use them for intricate tasks that require focused light and magnification, you can also repurpose them in areas when you need focus.

These days, magnifying lamps are so stylish that one forgets they were intended for vintage, intricate crafts, like knitting, crocheting, bead-working and many other arts.

Magnifier lamps were originally for those who require intense magnification, like architects, graphic designers, students, and those with challenges to their eyesight. But nowadays, given the stylish way many are engineered, they can pull triple duties: giving you functionality, wellbeing, and style.

Capture Natural Light

As you learn to master task lighting to promote wellness, don’t forget natural light! Capture as much of it as you can, no matter what season.

Do this in the winter months by placing your Floor lamps next to windows. Remember to use candles, as that natural feeling of “warmth of the fire” is key to human history, and our natural wellbeing.


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How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Overall Health

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