16 Suggestions for Packing Up Your Home

16 Suggestions for Packing Up Your Home : Packing up your house or apartment for a move isn’t the easiest or most straightforward task, especially if you’re doing it all yourself. The important thing is starting early instead of procrastinating, because there’s always more to pack than you would think. Here are some top tips to help you pack up before a big move.

  1. Set a packing area

    Set up an area just for packing because spreading your materials everywhere will be frustrating and waste time when you’re always looking for the tape or scissors.

  2. Label everything

    It’s important for the unpacking process and for the movers that you know what’s in every box. Have markers handy and write down on each box the room it’s for, the contents, whether it’s fragile, and what side is up.

  3. Invest in good boxes

    You don’t want to use free or cheap boxes that other people have already used. They’re guaranteed to collapse on you and leave your belongings scattered or broken. Get the right sturdy boxes for moving.

  4. Leave behind what you don’t need

    There’s no point packing what you don’t need, so think about each item and whether you want to keep it, donate it, or even get rid of it.

  5. Don’t get lost in memories

    We’ve all been there – you find a photo album or an old letter and you get sidetracked reminiscing. This is going to easily triple your time, so save it for unpacking.

  6. Keep a list of items not to pack

    You need to have certain items with you on moving day, including toothbrush, toiletries, some clothes, and even toilet paper. Use one box as that pile of items not to pack.

  7. Have an easily accessible unpack kit

    You want to have a set of tools easily accessible when you arrive at your new home, including a hammer and nails, a drill, Allen keys, and a screwdriver. This will help you set up your items like shelving, bedframe, and more.

  8. Pack room by room

    The most efficient way to pack is room by room, packing as much as possible in each. It’s also important to check everywhere, such as under the bed, on top of a cabinet, and behind closets.

  9. Get supplies in advance

    The process will go a lot quicker and will be more enjoyable if you get your supplies together and put them in your packing zone. This includes not just the boxes but the bubble wrap, crushed paper, packing tape, markers, scissors, snacks.

  10. Use sealable packing containers

    Don’t use items like trash bags or laundry hampers to pack some items ad hoc because they can easily split, be confused for garbage, or get a lot of dirt and dust in them.

  11. Use your dresser to pack.

    Your dresser is a different story, so don’t waste time moving your clothes out of each drawer. Instead, take the drawer out and wrap them in protective wrap so that they can be easily moved, saving you time.

  12. Pack heavy things first

    Heavier items should go on the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top. You don’t want to break or crush light items with the heavier ones.

  13. Limit the weight of each box

    You don’t want to hurt your back on moving day, so make sure each box weighs under 50 lbs. If you have heavy items, pack them alone and in smaller boxes so they’re not too heavy.

  14. Use newspapers for breakables

    Newspaper is very good for wrapping your fragile items, so get some for your packing supply area.

  15. Small items can be sub packed

    You should put your small items in a smaller bag together before packing them in a larger box so you don’t lose anything. This includes things like pencils, screws, and paper clips.

  16. Pack efficiently

    Pack your boxes in a way that there’s no extra space in the boxes. This prevents them from rolling around and breaking. Use every available space, or pad them with paper or soft objects so everything is packed tight.



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16 Suggestions for Packing Up Your Home

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