3 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day Music

3 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day Music : Your wedding is fast approaching, and you want everything in order by now. But because many wedding details have kept you preoccupied, you might have forgotten to give your wedding music and DJ some attention. Want good advice about your wedding music? Find out the mistakes you should avoid. Here are our top three.

Not meeting your DJ

Your wedding planner is supposed to make life easier for you when planning for the wedding. Her job includes coordinating with a music maker for your wedding reception. However, do not leave everything to your wedding planner. You must do your homework too if you don’t want to get surprised by bad outcomes. One important thing you must not ignore is your wedding DJ.

As a wedding dj buffalo ny company, we believe you must meet him in person too, but not on the day of your wedding. Arrange to meet him at least several days before the big event. When you do, this is a chance to check if what you have requested (every detail of it) from your wedding planner has reached your DJ. Another tip to avoid sorry surprises is to watch your DJ in action. Is he lively enough? Is his performance up to par? Find out where his NY gigs are and go check him out if you have the chance.

Ignoring loud music

A wedding event is about you and your guests having fun. And music is a big influencer to that fun factor. Music played while the crowd is on the dance floor is often loud and remains so for a too long a time if your DJ forgets to regulate it. Some guests may find it uncomfortable. Those who wish to converse – people who have a lot of catching up to do would want to exchange notes. You don’t want guests talking at the top of their voices across the dinner table. Remind your music maker to lower the volume when it is time for cocktails and when it is time for dinner. It won’t hurt to remind him about these.

Monopolizing the playlist

It is your wedding, so you have all the right to choose which kind of music to play from beginning to end. While you are at liberty to request your DJ all your favorite songs you would love to hear, be considerate of other guests who may have different tastes from yours. A playlist of all your favorite popular 80s to 90s music is magic to your ears, but what about the guests? If you want them to stay longer and finish the wedding event, always include other genres in your playlist.

A DJ has a ready playlist of various ages. Maybe, you could discuss your selection and his own suggested music. Don’t monopolize the playlist. A mix of your tunes and his (since he knows what a wedding crowd wants) is a good starting point. Remember, there has to be a playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Often, the best approach to keeping mistakes at bay is first to recognize them. Take note of these wedding music blunders. You will thank yourself that you did.






3 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day Music

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